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Looking Pretty and Staying Safe in Summertime Sun


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In the hot summer time, load up on lotion or spray. Every time you apply, use at least one ounce of lotion or a golf ball-sized blob. If you use a pump spray, one ounce is about 200 sprays or one quarter of a 4-ounce bottle. For a continuous spray, one ounce is about 25 seconds of spraying.

Don't forget to reapply. It is obvious you will need to put on more sunscreen after a swim or you sweat it off. You really do need a fresh application at these times. The days of sunbathing are long gone.

Some experts feel the clear continuous sprays are best. Look for quick-drying formulas, which are invisible and really lightweight. You will be more likely to apply the full amount you need.

You should use a quarter-sized blab of sunscreen for your face. Reapply every two hours. If you do this and still get burned, use a cleanser with SPF that will rinse off clean but leave an invisible film of SPF that adds protection against burning when used with regular sunscreen.

Tip: Put your sunscreen on while you are naked and 30 minutes before you go outside. This way you will be sure to not miss spots along your swimsuit edge and your skin will have enough time to absorb the product so it works more efficiently.

Use a lotion that lists physical sun blocking ingredients such as zinc oxide, not chemical screens that often end in the letters “ne, " like oxybenzone to prevent pimples.

If you are a person who burns easily, a higher SPF is added benefit in the real world. SPFs are tested in a lab on people who apply the product perfectly and do not sweat. In the real world, people do sweat and do not get the full SPF the label promises, so higher is better if you burn easy.

Two of the most common places people get burned are on tops of the ears and the scalp. Wear a hat with a brim to avoid this.

Don't forget to slip on the sun glasses. Your eyes can sunburn as well as everything else on your body, and you won't even realize it is happening until later when the eyes feel dry, burn and are irritated. Prevent this by wearing sunglasses with UV protection.

Since there is some evidence that oil-based and chemical sunscreens can damage coral and some other types of fish, keep them safe, and use a biodegradable, oil-free SPF.

Bikini line rules

  • Waxing keeps you smooth for about two weeks
  • Trim the hair to ¼ inch (you will only have to wax the hair that sticks out the sides of your suit)
  • Use an at-home waxing kit

    Belly Rules

  • The hair on the belly is usually finer than on the bikini line. Be assured that most people don't even notice it. However, if it bothers you, wax it or remove it with a depilatory cream, which dissolves the hair leaving you smooth for about a week.

    Most of all, never, ever shave the belly or bikini line with the same type of shaver you can use for legs and underarms!

    Source: beauty GUIDEBOOK. Cosmo Girl [serial online]. May 2008;10(19):39. Available from: Middle Search Plus, Ipswich, MA. Accessed August 2, 2008.

    Written by: Connie Limon To find more skin care articles and tips visit To find a variety of reprint articles visit

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