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The Dreaded Cold Sore on the Lip - How to Treat Fever Blisters


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A cold sore often starts with a tiny sting or tingle. If you've had one before, you become sensitive to this feeling and know it is coming. The ones on and around the lips are herpes simplex virus type 1.

Two factors are stress, uv light (sometimes pilots will get them as well as sunbathing without using spf protection on your lips). Other factors are lowered immune system functioning and temperature changes.

Please remember that cold sores are contagious and this is during all it's stages and not just when it is a sore. Kissing and sharing cups should be on hold.

Some people find taking the amino acid l-lysine preventatively will help reduce or even eliminate cold sore on lips outbreaks. This is because the amino acids need to be balanced and sometimes we get the balance off due to the proportion if we take protein powders, eat a lot of peanut butter etc. The body cannot produce lysine so it's a good supplement.

One thing that is frustrating with the lip cold sore is that it may begin to heal but then re-open due to eating and the stimulation that the lips receive during chewing. It does eventually heal and close. It is parallel to a kid having a knee scab and how walking often can open it up again.

There are over the counter, prescription and natural remedies. Each of these will work in reducing the healing time. Keep in mind that when using natural remedies, it's important to use common sense. Ice , tea bags and witch hazel are all useful. If you search on the internet, however, you get other accounts that mention using nail polish remover, applying ear wax or lighting a candle under a spoon and holding it near the sore. Do not use a method that is just anecdotal with no research or background.

Dee Cohen is a licensed social worker. Read about Cold Sore on the Lip to find ways to reduce and eliminate cold sores and fever blisters at


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3 Simple Cold Sore Remedies Tips For Cold Sores Sufferer
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