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Harmful Ingredients to Skin, Watch Out!


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1) Mineral oils:

Mineral oils are a by-product derived from the manufacturing process of gasoline out of petroleum. It is most commonly found in baby lotions, moisturizers and most ointment of low grade because mineral oils are cheaper alternatives to other higher grade - expensive - oils. The problem with mineral oils is that it may lead to skin irritation or worse, skin problems such as rashes and acne.

Instead of choosing cosmetic or skincare products that contain mineral oil, it is recommended that a better choice of oil is used such as rosehip and evening primrose oils that helps skin nourishment and maintains skin elasticity and non-greasy at the same time.

2) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate:

SLS are also popularly used ingredients in shampoos, soap and toothpastes for its foam creation properties. It is widely used because it is low cost but it has been reported SLS causes skin corrosion and irritation to skin and eye. Effects of SLS are dangerous as skin corrosion allows easier access for contaminants and bacteria to the sensitive lower layer of skin.

Alternatives of gentler shampoos, soap and toothpastes alike can be used such as poly-glucose and coconut oils.

3) Propylene Glycol:

An ingredient commonly found in cosmetics or skincare products that acts as an emulsifier in the form of colorless and odorless liquid. Propylene Glycol has been linked with kidney and liver problems. One frightening fact is that propylene glycol is used as hydraulic and coolant fluids used in vehicle's braking and refrigerators respectively.

The main alternative to propylene glycol is vegetable glycerin which produces no side effects.

4) Talc:

As found in the baby talcum powder, is a hydrated magnesium silicate mineral that are commonly used to make household items such as stove, sink and even electrical switchboards. There had been several issues talked over how Talc causes lung cancer, ovarian cancer and skin cancer. Alternatives are highly recommended, such as using starch powders instead of talcum powder.

5) Synthesized Fragrances:

Fragrances that are not naturally derived - consisting of chemicals - have been known to sometimes cause irritation and allergic reactions to the sensitive skin. Instead, look out for fragrances that are natural. Pure essential oils extracted from natural plants, flowers and herbs.

6) Diethanolamine:

Often abbreviated as DEA, are commonly found among shampoos and cosmetics. This is because of its foam creation and creamy properties. However, due to recent testing and experiments and laboratory studies which yielded increasing cancer risks and even miscarriages.

Vegetable glycerin is once again advised due to its safety and no-side-effect assurance.

7) Albumin:

Acclaimed to be wrinkle removers which are indeed effective temporarily, as the substance creates a cover-film over the wrinkles, making them to appear less obvious, not remove them. The films suffocate the skin and stops oxygen absorption.

8) Collagen:

Claimed to be skin moisturizes but multiple studies and report have stated that collagen is a type of protein ingredient that is much too large, so much so to the point that your epidermis cannot absorb them. It causes similar problems as Albumin by suffocating the skin as Collagen creates a cover-film.

With these new knowledge, the next time you step into a pharmacy or skincare product retailer, remember to watch out for these harmful ingredients hidden in various skincare and cosmetic products!

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