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Stop Excess Sweat


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I'm going to help you stop excess sweat by helping you identify solutions and the enabling activities that cause you to sweat. This is quite an embarrassing problem we suffer from and hope to get past it. Nothing looks more un-confident than a person, uncontrollably sweating for no apparent reason.

Excess sweating is better known in the medical community as hyperhidrosis. There is an estimated 2-3% of the American population that suffer from this issue. Only a small percentage of those people actually look for treatment. Most people feel it is a genetic thing that cannot be solved.

The desire to stop excess sweat comes from a lifetime of embarrassing situations. It has ruined our romances, it stains our clothing, it makes social situations more awkward and it makes you look like an uneasy and unconfident employee.

There is a way to get past this though. The solutions provided by the medical community aren't that great. The fact is that most people that suffer from it, never go seek a treatment and because it is just “sweat" there is no immediate desire to solve it. Which is completely understandable. I'd prefer science working to cure cancer than excessive sweating.

In this case you don't need to goto a doctor. You don't need expensive and dangerous surgery. And you don't need super strong prescription antiperspirants. With excess sweating, it comes down to the little things in your life. The biggest thing that will have an effect on the way you sweat is your diet. Eating the wrong foods or foods that cause your body to speed up will cause you to sweat. Identifying what the triggers are can help you stop excess sweat.

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Excessive Face Sweating and How to Cure it 6 Ways to Stop Your Sweat
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