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Cold Sore Remedies


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Getting a cold sore is not only an embarrassment, but it also causes pain and discomfort to the person experiencing the outbreak. Many people carry the Herpes virus that causes cold sores, and once you have the virus you can never get rid of it. But there are some cold sore remedies that you can follow to lessen the healing time and also prevent future breakouts.

Cold sore symptoms usually start with a small tingling feeling in the location where the sore is going to appear. These sores usually occur near the mouth and lips, but sometimes can spread to other areas in the face such as the nose and eyes.

After the tingling sensation starts, small liquid-filled blisters will begin to form. It is important that you do not try to pick at the blisters or squeeze them, they will heal much faster if they are left alone. Once the blisters have formed they will start oozing and crust over.

You can visit your doctor to get a prescription if you would like. Cold sore medicine comes in 2 different forms: a pill that is swallowed or a cream that is applied directly to the affected area. There are many different brands of anti-viral medication that can be taken, if you want to take a prescription cold sore medicine you should talk to your doctor about the option that is right for you.

There are also some cold sore home remedies that can be followed to prevent breakouts. Some people suggest that taking lysine supplements will lessen the severity of the outbreak and also prevent future outbreaks when it is taken regularly. Also, keep your stress levels low and stay out of direct sunlight because both of those factors can encourage an outbreak.

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