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3 Simple Cold Sore Remedies Tips For Cold Sores Sufferer


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A cold sore often starts with a tingle feeling and then develops into a sore which may itch. It typically last for 8-10 days without any treatments, many people have found that they can clear up the unsightly lesions faster using a variety of cold sore remedies. It is good to limit the painful damage caused by it instead of just waiting for it go away by itself.

1. Ice has been known as one of the most common cold sore remedies and it has been used as a remedy for centuries. Today ice is available almost anywhere at any time. Ice treatment should be commenced when the itching begins. It is essential to note that ice should not be used during the healing stage as it will slow down the healing speed.

2. Lysine tablets are made of amino acids. Amino acids are very good in fighting cold sore by blocking herpes simplex virus from replicating and spreading.

3. Aloe gel contains several chemicals that may decrease the inflammation and pain caused by sunburns. Aloe can be bought in bottles that you can carry with you anywhere in case cold sore outbreaks pop up while you are not at home. These remedies are most effective if used at first sign of cold sore.

Some individuals will develop flu like symptoms before the outbreak occurs. Avoid acidic foods including tomatoes, soda or vinegar. Nothing that contains acids should be around the cold sore area. Avoid kissing and don't share eating utensils, drinking cups, towels and napkins with people who have cold sore.

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How to Cure Cold Sores - Natural Remedies For Cold Sores
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