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Effects of Copper Peptides in Wound Healing


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What exactly are copper peptides and how can these elements improve skin rejuvenation? Generally speaking, peptides are small fragments of proteins (and the proteins are the key building blocks of most living tissues). Certain kinds of peptides have an avid affinity for copper, to which they bind very tightly. The resulting compound including a peptide and a copper atom has been known as a copper peptide.

A lot of substances can have a beneficial effect on wound healing. A special characteristic of bioavailable copper peptides is that they reduce scar tissue formation while promoting normal skin remodeling. In other words, they help better restore the injured area to its original look.

The sequence of copper peptide action is rather complex. Copper bound to aminoacids promotes the dissolution of “extra-large" collagen aggregates found in scars and promotes the synthesis of smaller more regular collagen found in normal skin. It also promotes the synthesis of elastin, proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans and other elements of the skin matrix. Other crucial effects of Copper Peptides include the ability to regulate the growth rate and migration of different types of cells; significant anti-inflammatory action; and the ability to prevent the release of iron capable of promoting oxidation into the tissues. The net result is a faster, better and “cleaner" healing.

You might say it's nice to have perfectly healed wounds, but what about people who do not have any injuries or ulcerations to heal? Can copper peptides be useful for normal skin protection and rejuvenation? It appears that they can. However, while the wound healing effects of copper peptide have been researched and documented in many studies, much less research has been done so far on their cosmetic and anti-aging application.

Various existing skin care treatments are based on the concept of eliminating the outermost or even deeper layers of the skin. The resulting healing mechanism stimulates skin remodeling leading to softer, younger looking skin. Since copper peptides optimize healing and improve skin remodeling, they can increase the effect of therapies based on various forms of controlled skin damage. In special, copper peptides can be useful after various types of laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and chemical peels.

Copper peptides are effective against several forms of skin irritation, mainly because their anti-inflammatory effects. Skin irritation, even in the absence of open wounds, strongly speeds up skin aging by stimulating the formation of free radicals and other damaging by-products. Some common skin rejuvenation treatments, such as tretinoin (Retin A, Renova) and alpha hydroxy acids can cause irritation. If during treatment you suffer skin irritation for an extended period of time, your skin may likely end up in a worse condition than when you started. In several cases, copper peptides can reduce or eliminate the irritation and help maximize treatment benefits.

Our latest skincare solution can help you get rid of all kinds of scars, imperfections and skin conditions, ensuring the recovery of the aspect and functionality of your skin.


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