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Stop Blushing Today With This 5 Step "Mind Detox"


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Are you suffering from blushing attacks that end up losing your friends, your jobs and your overall happiness in life? If so, it's time to get to the root of the problem and identify one of the many ways to stop blushing that I can show you.

As an ex “sufferer" myself, I know the pain you are in right now. I also know that it's nearly impossible to explain to your blushing problem to anyone; purely because of the nature of blushing causes an uncomfortable feeling when talking to people. . . so talking to people about your blushing. . . well, that's like throwing petrol in a raging fire isn't it?!

But don't despair, because the following article is just one of my unique action plans you can take away and start learning to implement immediately! Print it out or bookmark this page so that you have a constant reminder of what you need to do in order to stop blushing. It's far easier with a plan, because a plan is what I used to resolve my own blushing problem over 2 years ago. . .

Step 1: Declutter Your Negative Junk Thoughts

You might have heard the old adage - “Cleanliness is close to godliness"? Well, whether you are a religious person or not, it's easy to see where this quote comes from. Just like when you have an office desk full of clutter, pens, paper, stationary and random files everywhere, you will have a really hard time getting on top of your work unless you file everything and make a plan of action to reduce your workload.

This is the same for your brain. The more “junk", particularly of the negative variety, that floats around your old grey matter all day, the less focused you will be on thinking positively and productively.

In order to declutter your brain, you need to do a few things in a systematic way:

1. Write down everything that is bothering you.

2. Write down everything you need to remember to do for the next three or four weeks

3. Write down anything you dislike about your life

Some people call this “brain dumping". It's a great exercise that can literally offload all the thoughts that clog your mind from thinking fresh and sharply (which is exactly what we need your brain to do in order to stop blushing and feeling anxious about everything all the time)

The next step is to remove the patterns BEHIND these thoughts. In other words, in order to prevent you brain automatically dumping further “junk" inside your mind, you need to cut the fuse that makes it do so. So how do we do this?

The reason the brain dumps junk into your head is partly because of the comments that you make about yourself, or to yourself. These have a great impact on your self confidence and self esteem. If you are thinking negative thoughts, it will lead to negative feelings about your situation and yourself. You may not realize it, but negative or self harming comments will always batter your self confidence. For people like yourself who cant stop blushing and see blushing as a real problem (which it can often be), then unless you cut the fuse to this pattern of thought, the more you will blush as a result of such thoughts and feelings.

Finally, you must forgive. But wait, what the hell am I talking about now?

Well the truth is, you might be surprised how much of a burden a grudge can become in our life. Maximizing motivation is impossible if you are a person who holds grudges. Forgiveness is very powerful in our life and in the life of the person we forgive. You might be shocked at the difference this little step of forgiveness can make in helping you move forward in life toward your goals.

Step 2: Establish your “clean space"

Think about your strengths and how you can take advantage of each of them, as well as your weaknesses and how you can improve upon them. Remember that weaknesses are extremely valuable indicators of obvious ways we can improve ourselves. Do not look at weaknesses and a bad thing, just as a natural sign and clear path to being better people. Do not let your ego get in the way of over inflating your strengths, nor in minimizing your weaknesses. Be honest with yourself and you will stand a better chance of nearing a blushing free life.

Next, you need to start thinking positively. Negative, pessimistic blushers are simply not motivated in life. A positive attitude is essential in exploding motivation and living a happy and fulfilled life that has no room or care for blushing. In fact, blushing is nearly impossible when you get these “ducks in a row".

There are too many things in anyone's life that are outside of our control. However, the most important thing in any situation IS completely controllable. . . how we perceive any given circumstance or situation. Thinking positively towards any situation or circumstance is critical to not getting down and anxious, and ultimately not reaching such a level of low self-esteem that blushing begins to creep up on you again.

Step 3: Confirm your new feelings of freshness

Now that your “dumping ground" is clutter free, and you have established a way to prevent your brain from cluttering again, it's time to reinforce your mental routines. Each day, you must reinstate how positive you feel and WHY you want to continue this feeling everyday.

The more reasons you give your sub-conscious mind to feel a certain way, the more likely it will automatically learn to program that feeling into your daily life. Just like bad experiences program the mind to feel bad for years after the event, good experiences (if actively imprinted onto the mind like this) will equally stay with you for as long as you want them to. In fact, if you imprint these positive feelings onto your sub-conscious mind every day, in just a few weeks time from now, you will find it virtually impossible to STOP feeling great about yourself.

The mind, particularly the sub-conscious part of it, is more powerful than you realize. For example, just look at the fact that you are seemingly blushing everyday without any control over it. What do you think is causing you to blush? That's right, it's your sub-conscious mind. If it can be that powerful on autopilot for negative thoughts. . . just imagine what it can do for your POSITIVE thoughts.

Step 4: Trust yourself to stay clean

One of the biggest keys to building self confidence and reduce your blushing problems is to believe in yourself. If you have trouble trying out something different or unfamiliar, it is not a bad thing to just stay safe with what you're already familiar with. This will help you feel more confident, and give you the assurance to go ahead onto something new.

By going into something new with a positive attitude and belief in your abilities, you will find it easier to be confident and indeed act more confidently. Over time, you will find that you will have increased the ability to move into new areas of your life, which means that your life is slowly but surely being filled to the brim with activities and situations that ultimately remove any time or energy for you to blush or feel any invalid feelings of self-doubt.

However, all of this requires some additional motivation.

Start writing down you goals, plans, and steps you need to take. You can even record daily about your feelings towards any particular circumstances you might have faced that particular day. Writing all of these things down and looking at them on a sheet of paper can have a tremendous influence on our creativity and ability to implement new ideas. Reviewing what you have written also allows you to easily track your progress.

Even remember to write down any recurring negatives, such as a particular time of day or situation that you blushed. If you can see a pattern to your blushing problem, you can spend the right amount of time and energy tackling that particular area. Additionally, by identifying patterns in your blushing episodes, we may be able to establish certain other factors that might be directly triggering your blushing attacks.

Step 5: Keep cleaning everyday

The key to enforcing everything you put into place with the mental detox is to persevere. Stick with it and allow set backs and negative events to come and go and wash over you easily. The real secret to becoming an amazing person is to learn from the setbacks you experience in order to avoid them in the future, or, considering they are likely to be out of our control no matter who we are, at least we can better cope with similar problems in the future.

Do not let the downs in life get to you. Take the time to evaluate what happened, and how you can avoid it from happening to often in the future. Put things in perspective and realize that although life is short, we have plenty of time to correct our ways and thought patterns and ultimately for you, escape this problematic blushing that is needlessly holding you back from the life you rightfully deserve.

Take the time to put these 5 simple steps into practice, and you will be well on your way to building up your self confidence and banishing your blushing. Times will be hard, but times will be so much sweeter if you are brave enough to face the world head on.

The way I see it, you are currently suffering fro ma blushing problem right now, so you can't go far wrong by putting your neck out there a little abd braving a new world. What's the worst that might happen? Well, you will blush right? But the thing is this: you are already going to blush the way you carry on, so really you can't lose. . .

If you found this article useful and you are willing to actually take action and do something about your blushing problem, then make sure you visit my website Facial Redness right now (see more info below). . .

There are many theories for a blushing free life. I can only hope you are not led to the ones that cost you more time, pain and discomfort than the original problem of blushing itself. . .

Instead, I would encourage you to visit and see how you can block out and stop facial blushing for good with my unique system before the spiral goes too far. (Plus you can still grab a special free report to boost your self esteem in just one weekend. . . hurry, it won't be there for ever!)


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