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Skin - The Largest Elimination Organ Of The Body Is Our Greatest Protection


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The skin is the largest detoxification organ of the body. If you look at the skin through a microscope you see a zillion little nerves. Each nerve is connected to a muscle. Think about when you get goose bumps and you see the hair on your skin stand up. The skin is the doorway of the body for communication.

Brajaka Pitta is the sanskrit term in ayurvedic science for the functioning of the skin in the role of the bodys’ physiology. The skin is the cream that comes to top. The part that the farmer converts to whip cream for your favorite pie. There are different types of skin:(lips), conjuntiva (eye), epidermis(nose) each need different daily care.

Pigmentation cells give skin its color. These cells play a role in maintaining skin color and tone, regulating blood flow, regulating body temperature, stimulating sweat glands to perspire, transferring message from the the outside skinto inside to the organs called transdermal relay. Skin absorbs, digest and assimilate any sound, feeling, cream, lotion or oil.

Some of the health conditions that point to imbalances of Brajaka Pitta are: dry skin caused by a nervous over stimulation imbalance, Acne caused by a digestive disorder leading to a vicious cycle of pollution in the body not being able to be handled by the skin ‘detoxification. Thick skin caused by accumulation of nerve tension and tissue accumulation, psoriasis caused by nerves.

Too much anxiety, stress, emotional tension will age the skin. Being touched by the one you love or the one you fear is digested by the skin. Emotional imbalances also can be identified in the skins reactions. Cold skin is caused by lack of circulation due to excessive stress of prolonged fear. Goose bumps are caused by repetitive feelings of anxiety. Sweaty palms, sweaty extremities in general are caused by nervous states in general. Pale skin indicates loss of verve for life. Red hot skin indicates prolong buried states of anger never released or resolved.

The herbs used for dry skin are sesame oil application for thirty days without missing. For overheating issues and redness release old anger and use one ounce of aloe vera juice daily. Specifically for acne start with turmeric one tsp in water with honey every day for forty five days.

To restore digestion to help with all kinds of skin disorder use the ten day ginger treatment. Take 8 tsp of fresh grated ginger, 8 tsp of organic ghee 8 tsp of raw unrefined organic sugar. Mix. Take a teaspoon every morning before taking any other food. Taste great and really makes the belly feel great. Kids love this remedy and it s great for them to have a great digestion for a life time.

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