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Amazing Facts About Dandruff!


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Dandruff is a scalp ailment that affects any age group but is more prominent in the age group of early 20s. The major myth associated with it is that it is a leading cause of hair loss but it has not been proven as yet. The main cause for the growth of dandruff is a fungal infection which makes the scalp shed skin at an excessive rate.

Although dead skin cells are shed by the scalp at a normal rate, the fungi infection accelerates the shedding causing embarrassing flakes of the skin to shed. Other symptoms include itchy, dryness and scaly growth on the skin.

Dandruff is known to lower self esteem and cause embarrassment to people who suffer from it.

The fungus, Malassezia FurFur, main cause of dandruff multiplies extensively on scalp has been found on the scalp of people who suffer from dandruff and those who don't. Dandruff is not a disease but just uncontrolled shedding of dead skin that accumulates very fast. The scaly growth becomes chronic and it takes a long time to remove it. Hormonal imbalance is also known to cause dandruff as it starts after puberty in both men and women.

Sometimes, allergies to hair care products or hair dyes cause itchy scaly growth akin to dandruff. An extreme condition that affects the scalp is also known as Psoriasis.

The early stage goes unnoticed as there is no shedding of dead skin cells. However, dandruff can be reduced or prevented through proper hygiene and care. It is best to use herbal and organic remedies instead of applying high chemical content shampoos, cream, soaps and hair finishing products.

If you are suffering from dandruff, avoid bleaching, chemical treatments and use of hair styling tools. Scratching or picking of scalp with nails can spread infection so it is best to keep personal belongings separate. Avoid hair dyes and gels that irritate the skin on the scalp as that might increase your chances of getting dandruff.

Another option is using anti dandruff shampoo that have salicylic acid.

Changing your diet also helps to a certain extent with intake of 50 to 60 % fresh vegetables and fruits. Increasing your intake of water also helps reduce shedding of dead skin cells as higher moisture leads to lower dry skin flakes. Using henna, Indian gooseberry or Amla paste can help eliminate Dandruff while oiling your hair before washing can also aid in reducing dandruff.

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