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Did You Know That Men Suffer With Varicose Veins Too?


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I never really thought about it, but men suffer from varicose veins just as bad as us women do. I guess it is because you don't often hear men complain about these problems, but in fact, problem veins in men is more common than you think. Women are still more likely to have them, but the condition is not exclusive to women-only.

Men who suffer from varicose veins rarely seek medical treatment, which is one reason why so many of us think that only women suffer from this problem. In fact, swollen and throbbing veins in men are much more pronounced than they are in women. Men are also more likely to suffer from aches and pains caused by their veins than women are, even though they rarely complain of the problem. Men usually don't seek medical treatment promptly either, which can also exacerbate the problem.

In some cases, problem veins in the legs can be treated just be wearing supportive hose, and avoiding long periods of standing. In more severe cases, medical treatment may be needed. One of the more common treatments that men undergo for the veins in their legs is called endovenous laser ablation. During this treatment, a laser is inserted directly into the affected vein, and the heat generated by the laser causes the vein to shrink back to its normal size. The vein is non-functional after this procedure, but this rarely causes any problems. It is an outpatient procedure, which takes about an hour to complete. In most cases, you can go back to work the very next day. There are risks that should be explained to you before the procedure is performed, and you will have to weigh those risks versus the potential benefit to be gained, to make your final decision regarding the procedure.

Men often develop varicose veins in their testicles, as well as in their legs. These problem veins in the testicles are known as varicocele. This condition not only causes extreme pain, but can also cause the testicles to shrink, and even lead to infertility if not cared for properly. Some cases of varicocele require no medical treatment, and in fact, most physicians will not even suggest treatment unless pain or infertility occurs.

The good news is that this condition can be treated with surgery, called varicocele embolization. This is not a traditional cut and stitch type of surgery, and you will most likely not be required to spend the night in the hospital. In most cases, men who have this procedure are able to resume their normal activities, including work, within two days.

Unfortunately, varicocele can affect young men from the age of 15. If your son complains of pain, or any other symptoms, it is a good idea to schedule a doctor appointment, just to be on the safe side.

Patricia is a health focused content author. Want to find out more about non-surgical treatments? Just visit Varicose Veins Alternate Treatments and learn what type of options are available.


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