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Information on Eczema – Pick Any 2 of These to Eliminate Eczema


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Information on Eczema – I spent a lot of time looking for effective Information on Eczema. During my research I learnt that eating bad fats lowered my body’s defense system and more than likely did no good to my immune system.

In my search for Information on Eczema I learnt that cooking fats was detrimental to my long term health and choosing the right fats was very important.

Until a few years ago I heated the oils I used and at a lot of the so called bad fats because I didn’t know any better.

There are a few fats that work wonders on building strong immune systems and fighting off diseases including that of eczema, some of these good fats also create radiant, healthy skin.

When I learnt this I immediately changed the fats I eat and now consume fats only from this list below:

Information on Eczema – List of Healthy Fats:

#1 - Avocados – I learnt that if I eat an Avocado twice a week, I would notice a change in the feel and look of my skin. Avocado creates stable energy and helps produce exceptional health. Avocado will help to eliminate your eczema if included in your diet regularly.

#2 - Flax Oil – this is one of my favourites. I purchase my flax seeds from my local health store and I grind them up. This mixture is then poured over soups, salads, added to stir fries, and anything I prepare.

If you grind your own flax seed you will get the freshest oil available. No more than six tablespoons of flax seed should be consumed on a daily basis. You can feel the softness of your skin almost immediately.

#3 - Hemp Oil – Another favourite oil of mine, this time because of the powerful effect it has on the healing power of your skin. Hemp seeds are full to bursting in sulphur containing amino acids and have a perfect balance of essential fats

#4 - Coconut Oil – Is great because it protects you from bacteria, yeast, fungal or any other micro organisms. People who suffer with herpes, Candida and Giardia use coconut oil to keep ailments to a minimum. Great for healing eczema and creating smooth, soft and healed skin.

#5 - Extra Virgin oil – has a soothing and calming effect. Extra Virgin Oil is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It will sooth the skin, stop or reduce the itching and burning and it will also sooth away any inflammation.

Finding practical Information on Eczema is time consuming. If you are still searching, I suggest you look at the fats you are consuming whilst you continue to search.

In the meantime you may find that you eczema skin changes in character for the better simply by swapping the bad fats for the good fats.

Here’s to smooth, soft skin.

Janet Simpson is a writer and health reporter. Get FREE “how to” tips to cure your eczema, and create beautiful smooth skin at:

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