A New Kind Of Diet Can Have A New Affect On Your Oily Skin


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Oily skin comes attached with a wealth of problems, mainly in the realm of blemishes and pimples. These unsightly reactions to oily skin prove troublesome to many people and they often come with discomfort.

Where does oily skin originate from? Oily skin is often hereditary and it develops because the oil producing glands in the skin are producing too much of the sebaceous glands, giving the surface look a shiny complexion. In other words, the oil glands within the skin are working overtime, so the body cannot possibly use all the oil that is being made thus leaving the remainder on the surface area of the skin.

The biggest effect of this is the opening of the pores (mainly on the facial area), which turns into an increased chance for pimples. Pimples and other blemishes often come hand in hand with oily skin and there is little a person can do to stop this from happening, although there are several remedies that do a good job of alleviating the problem. Scientists have always wondered about the correlation between diet and skin reactions and here are some of their conclusions:

Avoid these foods:

Junk (processed) foods
Carbonated drinks
Cooking oils

The above foods are thought to be bad for an individual with oily skin because of their increased ability to promote oily skin. Processed foods especially are bad for the bodily systems as a whole.

Seek out these foods:

Cedar wood

These foods are considered good for a person suffering from oily skin because they are 100 percent natural and they can only have good effects on oily skin. By using natural or herbal ingredients within recipes will help lessen the outer appearances of oily skin because it works on replenishing the skin from the inside out.

Another part of the diet that works in direct correlation with the skin is hydration. Drinking water cannot be overstated in its importance in keeping the skin dry and pimple free. While it may seem as if the more water that is drank the oilier the skin will get, it actually works in an opposite way. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day (more if you are active) will better hydrate the skin making it healthier. Drinking water, not soda or any other substitute drink will be one of the healthiest all around options that you can make. Water not only hydrates the skin, it replenishes all of the bodies systems.

How else can you prevent or treat oily skin? Keeping the skin cleansed is perhaps the most important action a person with oily skin can do. Cleansing the skin keeps pores unclogged, which will also prevent pimples and blemishes from popping up.

Here is why: Someone with oily skin has larger pores then someone with dry skin, so the chances of getting clogged pores is increased. These pores will often fill with bodily oils, making them unclean and thus pimples will arise. Cleaning is an absolute must in terms of treating oily skin. Cleaning also prevents oily skin from ever developing in the first place. While most people have oily skin due to hereditary issues, there are still many that develop it because of mistreated skin care. A person that does not take care of their skin properly in their early years and teens has an increased chance of developing oily skin.

A targeted diet that seeks out the foods in the recommended list above, and avoids the processed foods, is one of the best combatants against oily skin and it is also one of the easiest ways to treat the skin from the inside out. Oily skin can be treated it just takes a little initiative.

Alison Clarke is a French teacher by profession and loves being a Vegan. She is writing a number of articles on the topics of Veganism and Skin Care.


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