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Just Do It! Quit Smoking Now!

Jeff Donaven

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Why quit smoking? Well, quitting smoking is an important step for smokers if they really want to live a longer and healthier life. Quitting smoking is really a hard thing to do especially for longtime smokers. This may be because of nicotine which is a drug that would make a smoker emotionally and mentally dependent on the drug. The eventual drug tolerance would then lead to more packets and sticks of cigarettes consumed within a day. Technically, if one wishes to extend his lifetime for another 10 years, then he better quit smoking. Regardless of what age he quits, stopping is still better than continuing till death.

Quitting smoking will slowly restore the body to its non-smoker state. Quitting gives a lot of great benefits to one’s health. For example, one’s heart rate and blood pressure will drop, the carbon monoxide level will be back to normal, lung function increases and the circulation improves, the risk of having lung cancer is decreased, and after 15 years, the risk of having coronary heart disease is that of a non-smoker’s. Also there are some visible effects and physical and sensory benefits that one could have after quitting smoking. For example, whitened teeth, fresher breath, good smelling hair, the stamina to do daily activities, and food would taste better.

Also, society is more accepting of people who do not smoke. There are landlords and employers who are very strict about smoking, and they would prefer hiring those people who do not smoke rather than those who do. Also, public places which are smoking zones have been gradually decreasing, making smoking more inconvenient. Quitting allows a person to be more sensitive of the health of others because people who inhale the smoke coming from the smokers and from cigarettes are also put to risk. Quit smoking and be sensitive to others.

It may be really difficult for one to just instantly quit smoking. The process takes about a number of years even. It is important that one should be persistent, patient and consistent when he decides to quit. It is important that people should remember that once they start to quit smoking, there is no turning back and they would never have to light a cigarette all throughout their lifetime. The process may be hard and psychologically painful, but the long-term effects of doing so, is definitely rewarding and better of that of a regular smoker’s.

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