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A Guide on How to Quit Smoking

Jeff Donaven

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Smokers decide to quit smoking when they already had enough of the bad benefits of cigarettes. At whatever angle people look at it, smoking will simply be non-beneficial to smokers. The only ones benefitting from it are the rich and huge companies that sell them. Even with the presence of different quitting methods, a guide will be very helpful in increasing the chances of success. Unsuccessful quitters return to their bad habits due to the fact that most methods are simply not enough to stop them from smoking. Additional guidance and support will mean a lot to desperate smokers who really want this to work.

Designing a quitting program or plan will help smokers stay on the correct path. The program should consist of the person’s goals, plans, track records and reasons why they plan to quit smoking. These reasons can be due to health problems, emotional problems and even due to a simple promise. Keep these reasons as inspirations especially during hard times. Having short and long term goals in the program will keep the smoker motivated in this journey. The smoker can also track his/her success by checking if these goals are actually achieved. Also, it is wise to keep track when cravings are experienced. Write the things that triggered these cravings and avoid them in the future. Finally, following the plan is the most important part of this process. It will be the body of the whole program. Without it, nothing will be achieved. This program must be with the person at all times. It will serve as a reference especially when cravings occur.

When planning to stop smoking, it is important to announce it to friends and family. They can give the support every smoker will need in this journey. And maybe along the way, other smokers might quit as well. Having a friend or family quit at the same time can make this task easier. They can treat it as a competition where the person who lasts the longest will win. In this case though, both competitors will win since every person will have a competitive instinct. No one would like to lose that’s why it can serve as a great motivator.

Smokers choose to quit smoking to help themselves and the people surrounding them. Every smoker knows that quitting smoking is no walk in the park but it is the right thing to do. Quitting may not be good for other situations but smoking is an exception for this. Remember that the best thing a smoker can do to his/her life is to stop and never return to smoking ever again.

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Natural Ways To Quit Smoking-How To Quit Smoking Naturally
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