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Do You Wish To Stop Smoking? Consider These Reliable Tips!


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Smoking is one of the worst addictions in the world. In the US, one in five people are addicted to cigarettes and there are many more that have at least one cigarette on an average every day. And then there are the passive smokers that are almost equally hurt as the smokers themselves are.

There are loads of data that talk about the ill effects of cigarettes and yet, people cannot give them up. However, there are many reliable ways one can stop smoking. Some tips talk about willpower and some about the electronic cigarette . Let us look at five of the most reliable tips.

Tip 1

It is said that seeing is believing. So, go to Google Images and search for something like effects of smoking cigarettes or something like that. The images that will come across on your browser will be horrific. These images are so disturbing that governments across the world are now forcing tobacco companies to publish them on the cigarette packets. And there have been some benefits.

Tip 2

You must believe that you can stop smoking. Either gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke everyday or give them up completely. The problem with gradual reduction is that you can always fall back on the habit. Total abdication causes some withdrawal symptoms that make the smokers go back to smoking. Whatever you do, ensure that you take support from your family and well wishers so that they can help you with the entire process.

Tip 3

Distraction is also supposed to be one of the ways you can create a smoke free world. Think of the more pleasant things in life. Spend more quality time with your family. Take a vacation to a quiet and serene place where you don’t even get cigarettes to buy. A hill station could come handy in such cases. Buy new clothes and put in more energy at work.

Tip 4

If needed, use medications to stop smoking. One known medicine that can help you stop smoking is Bupropion SR. You can also nicotine patches, nasal sprays, gums and inhalers to give up cigarettes. Contact your physician and get the right product prescribed.

Tip 5

Start smoking electronic cigarettes . An electronic cigarette looks like an actual cigarette and gives you the exact feeling of smoking a cigarette. But the ill effects of an actual cigarette are not there in an e-cig. An electronic cigarette has a cartridge that contains a special liquid. This liquid is vaporized by the atomizer and you inhale the vapor. The liquid can be flavored like your favorite cigarette, giving you the same feeling. Smokeless cigarettes are considered one of the most effective when you want to stop smoking.


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