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Electronic Cigarettes Make It Easy To Give Up Smoking Cigarettes


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When new bans on smoking in public came into effect, it was suddenly as though the entire world quit smoking, even privately. It was suddenly a shock to find anyone smoking cigarettes: it was as though smokers had been handed a decision and decided to give up smoking completely, instead of smoking on their own wherever they wanted, almost as though if they couldn’t have the whole cake, they didn’t want a piece of the cake.

But as it turned out, this wasn’t really the scenario at all. Before one could blink their eyes, they were suddenly seeing people smoking everywhere; that momentary lapse of a non-smoking world was over…well, in a way that is. The truth of it was, many smokers may have given up smoking, but they had only given up tobacco cigarette smoking. Instead of choosing to no longer buy tobacco cigarettes, smokers started to buy e-cigarettes, and thus the electronic cigarette revolution began. Suddenly smokers everywhere where trying to find out where they could buy e-cigarettes cheaply and find a variety and good selection of e-juice, which is the liquid that gives electronic cigarettes all of their power, because without e-juice, there would be no point to even buy e-cigarettes. E-juice is a nicotine infused liquid that smokers ‘inhale’ once it’s vaporized, and it determines the strength and flavor of the e-cigarette.

So why would one want to buy e-cigarettes instead of real tobacco cigarettes? There are a variety of reasons, and every smoker has a different one. Some smokers chose to buy e-cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes because they’re a safer alternative to smoking tobacco, and they don’t come loaded with the dangerous chemicals and toxic substances that real cigarettes do. The e-juice that one uses when they buy e-cigarettes is basically pure nicotine and a bit of chloroplast to allow it to vaporize, so e-smokers don’t have to worry about something like carpet glue showing up in their cigarette. Another reason smokers chose to buy e-cigarettes is because they’re just simply convenient: they can be smoked anywhere and are as harmful to others as chewing gum is to others. Additionally, electronic cigarettes give smokers the feel of real cigarettes, and even look just like them, down to the tip of the electronic cigarette lighting up orange, powered by a small battery.

Electronic cigarettes gives smokers the ability to lead a convenient lifestyle, and the smoker is able to still get their ‘fix’…now if only people could give up talking on cell phones in public so easily…

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Electronic Cigarettes can help to quit smoking (or reduce smoking)
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