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E-Cigarettes Offer Smokers Many Choices and Benefits


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Electronic cigarettes, also commonly referred to as ‘e-cigarettes’, have become maybe the most popular way to quit smoking. The cigarettes are powered by batteries that allow the smoker to inhale a vapor that has nicotine in it, and they look and feel so much like a cigarette that often they’re mistaken for the real thing. The tips of the electronic cigarettes even light up orange whenever a smoker takes a “drag”, and a vapor is released from the tip to simulate real smoke, which is actually only water vapor produced by a small atomizer.

When people buy e-cigarettes, they also buy what is called E-Juice, which is a liquid that is poured into an E-cartridge, supplying the cigarette with its flavor and whatever strength the smoker desires. When smokers buy the e-cigarettes, they can choose an E-juice with varying strengths of nicotine, which is why they’ve become so popular as a device to help people quit smoking. The types of E-Juice available range from a high level of nicotine to even no nicotine at all, so if a smoker wanted to buy e-cigarettes and get down to the point of just having the ability to engage in the simple act of smoking, then that would be completely possible. Some smokers simply don’t want to stop smoking because they say they enjoy the act of smoking cigarettes, and that they wouldn’t know what to do with their hands if they stopped smoking. Studies have shown that smokers are more likely to have other oral fixations, such as chewing fingernails or chewing on gum regularly, so for some it really is just a nervous habit.

That’s why so many people have chosen to buy e-cigarettes as a way to gradually step down in their nicotine in-take, and so they simply buy one type of E-juice for awhile until eventually they’ve gotten down to smoking E-juice that contains no nicotine at all. Some people that buy e-cigarettes say they just enjoy buying e-juice for its flavor, and not because it has nicotine in it, sort of similar to people that don’t smoke tobacco cigarettes and who just like to smoke clove cigarettes for their flavor.

Choosing to buy e-cigarettes is really giving smokers, no matter what their reason for smoking, the best of both worlds. Now they engage in an act that is almost identical to smoking without having to take in nicotine if they don’t want to.

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The Benefits of E Cigarettes – Smokers Now Have a Better Choice
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