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Quitting Smoking Benefits Explained


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Most of us know the many benefits that quitting smoking bring. As smokers we are constantly being told how bad smoking is for us, and how passive smoking hurts the people around us.
We know that quitting will give us a longer life, more energy and less chance of serious illness. Some of the other benefits are not quite so obvious. If, like me, you are a long term, hard core smoker, then quitting really does change the way other people look at you.

Once you quit, people are impressed by your willpower to kick such a difficult addiction.

Those close to you look at you in a new light. One of the best benefits is that you no longer smell of nicotine, which is a very hard smell to disguise. Waking up in the morning without smelling like an ashtray is fantastic.

You will also have an incredible feeling of strength, if you quit smoking, just think of what else you can do with your life!

Giving up smoking is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself, and can lead to many other positive gains. You will gain confidence in yourself to take more control; of your life and your future. Others will appreciate your new found confidence too. Quitting smoking is not a trivial thing, it leads to a different sort of lifestyle. Being smoke free really is about changing the habits of lifetime. This is such a positive step to take, not just for your health but for your emotional well being. You now know that you really are doing your best for yourself and your loved ones. Others will pick up on your positive outlook and see the benefits for themselves.

Quitting smoking really is a win win situation.

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