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How to Quit Smoking Discover the More Successful Methods

Joe White

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We all know that smoking is a killer addiction but the worst thing about it is the incredibly low success rate. However, the more you know about how to quit smoking, the more likely you are to succeed. Let's have a look at some of the different ways of quitting smoking.


One of the most common methods is to use nicotine replacement therapy, or NRT. What I'm talking about here is stuff like patches, inhalers and chewing gum. They all contain nicotine and when you start using them, you can straight away ditch the cigarettes. You're still “addicted" but the idea is that you slowly wean yourself of these NRT products over about 12 weeks and then finally give those up too.

Unfortunately, the success rate for NRT is very poor. In many ways, you could say that it is no different to cutting down on cigarettes (minus the toxic fumes). And many people try to give up by cutting down and know that it is definitely not easy.


Hypnosis is a controversial way to stop smoking. Most people have heard of it but few seem to try it. Perhaps it is that people think that giving control of your mind to someone else, albeit briefly, is too much and maybe has some bad consequences? Most smokers do not try this method on their first quit attempt but usually after they have tried many other things and they are desperate for a cure.

Hypnosis works by putting the person in a suggestive trance. The hypnotist will then suggest to them that they have incredible amounts of willpower and/or they will not feel cravings anymore.

Hypnosis works for most people after about 3 sessions. They leave the therapist and stop smoking cigarettes. Unfortunately, after about 6 months, most people will start to smoke again. This is because their years of smoking experience conflict with the suggestions made to them. Eventually, the experience beats the suggestions and the desire for a cigarette returns - the effect is only temporary.

Acupuncture and Lasers

Acupuncture and lasers both work in very similar ways. They use philosophies of Eastern medicine to stimulate parts of the body into provoking a physical response. This physical response is the production of endorphins or “pleasure" chemicals.

It's said that these chemicals have a great calming effect which also reduces cravings and makes quitting easier.

The results are even worse than hypnosis and, what's more, the effects are just as temporary.

Why Do These Methods Fail?

All these methods fail because they only address the symptoms of an addiction - the cravings and desire for a cigarette. None of them actually address the underlying cause, the addiction. None of them seek to reverse the effects of being addicted. None of them are able to second guess the addiction.

Is Addiction Just A Mystery? Does Anyone Know How To Quit Smoking?

Addiction is a mystery to most but a few people have discovered the only way out of addiction and the only true way to stop smoking. If you know this method and can unlock your addiction, then you can easily quit without willpower or cravings.

Joe White used to smoke a pack a day but has been smoke free now for 8 years. To learn more about how he did it or get more quit smoking advice , visit

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Easy Way to Quit Smoking Discover How You Can Do This Today
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