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Quit Smoking Programs How Can They Help You to Quit?

Joe White

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There are many quit smoking programs out there that claim to help you to quit. How do they work and are they successful? Find out more in this article.

Most smokers will start with willpower but then try other methods to quit such as quit smoking magnets or lasers or anything new that they can think of. Eventually, it doesn't seem such a bad idea to try a quit smoking program - the idea being that a program has been designed to cater exactly for the needs of someone wanting to stop smoking. So what kinds of programs are there and do they work?

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Although you can buy patches and gum and the like and the store cashier couldn't care less how many you buy and how you use them, the manufacturers do recommend that you follow the program that they describe. There is no extra support involved but you usually get a small booklet or guide that tells you how to quit and gives you a few other tips.

If you read the instructions given, they will typically tell you to cut down your dose every month and then after 3 months you should quit. There is no extra support given although sometimes a hotline is provided that you can call, often at a premium rate.

Does it work? Unfortunately, the quit rate at the 6 month after stopping the patches is only about 7%. This is practically the same as willpower alone.

Smoking Cessation Clinic/Support Group

Many local health authorities will have a government funded clinic that people can attend. The principle is similar in many ways to AA meetings except that you do not follow a 12 step plan. You are simply there to chat and give each other moral support.

Most people use a support group in combination with another method so success rates are not meaningful here. This type of program is purported to boost the chances of success by double.

Hypnotherapy Program

Hypnotherapy, or hypnosis, is commonly used by people wanting to stop smoking. Due to the cost, most smokers do not try hypnotherapy first and they usually only try it when other quitting attempts have failed. Hypnotherapy works by giving the patient suggestions, such as stronger willpower and a lack of cravings.

Most people following this quit smoking program will need around 3 sessions of suggestions. Most will also quit smoking thereafter. Unfortunately, after 6 months, studies have shown that the success rate is no better than other methods or no methods at all. Therefore, the effect of hypnotherapy is only a temporary one.

Self Help Programs

There are quite a few self help programs on the market. Most of these are in book form but a few are also in audio form, either CDs or MP3 downloads, and even DVDs. These programs lack the two way communication that the clinic and hypnotherapy programs have and this could be viewed as a disadvantage.

However, the success rate from such programs, whilst varied, does appear to be higher than more traditional methods such as nicotine replacement therapy. Relatively few studies have been done on these types of quit smoking programs because of the time and expense needed to test each individual program as no two are exactly alike.

Joe White used to smoke but he quit 8 years ago. Get Joe's opinion on quit smoking programs, as well as his quitting tips and advice by visiting


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