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The Easy Way to Quit Smoking is Not Always the Most Obvious One


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Smoking is a habit that is very hard to get rid of mostly because it is easy to get back to. It does not matter that you managed to abstain from smoking for six long months and you think you are over it, if you give in to the impulse when a friend offers you a puff, you are hooked right back. It just takes one cigarette to have you back in the habit . Is There An Easy Way To Quit Smoking That Is Permanent As Well? First of all, let us get a few facts straight. Quitting smoking is never permanent unless you are dead. As long as you live, you would always be one cigarette away from going back to your addiction. This is a truth you need to keep firmly on the top of your mind. You can never give in to that offer for one puff. Secondly, there is no easy way to quit smoking. This process is long, painful and very demanding both on your patience and health. You need to be prepared for a fight, a good fight , to get rid of the habit and you would need all the support you can get for it. Finding the Easy Way to Quit Smoking Depends On The Support You Get. The process can be less stressful to you if you have the right support. Enlist the help of your family and close friends as well as professional counselors and medical practitioners. Without their help beating the habit would be not only difficult, but also very cumbersome.

1. Family's role, they would watch out to prevent you giving in to the temptation to smoke “only once more before I quit". They would also keep your spirits and motivation high.

2. Close friends, in the early stages it is very difficult to fight off the temptation to get back to smoking. You need your friends to know you are trying to quit so they would not smoke in front of you and warn others (in the office, at parties, etc) not to do so either so your chances to kick the habit stay high.

3. Professional counselors, you need to internalize what the process involves and what are the things you should expect during your fight against the habit. Knowledge is power here, power to handle the crisis.

4. Doctors, you might need medication; or the medication might have side effects. Have a doctor on your team for help and guidance. Combine all these and you get your easy way to quit smoking right at your finger tips.

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