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Power Tips to Quit Smoking The Ultimate Punch!


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Useful tips to help you gain leverage and quit smoking

When trying to break a habit that has been with you for so many years, it feels like trying to break a chain that's made impossible to break! Trying to quit smoking is an approach that requires true, honest discipline. Combining methods to create an ultimate punch can help you stay focused and quit smoking. Here are some tips to consider in helping your goal to quit smoking.

  • First of all if you haven't already set a date aside for yourself to quit smoking, if you're already on the path then continue on. Set a date that you are most comfortable with. Don't make it an unreasonable one! This is something that will toughen your mind mentally to be prepared to quit. It won't be a surprise either, so set a date.

  • Ask your family and friends for their support. Be serious and sincere about this. Ask them to be non-judgmental about your decision. Let them know that they're support is needed to help push you along.

  • I'm a heavy believer in visualizing for success and it works. Visualize yourself being a nonsmoker in the next few months and in a few years from now. Visualize yourself telling someone yes you quit and feel proud of yourself. Try to see yourself feeling healthier and while you quit visualize everything negative exiting your body. If posting a picture of something or someone helps, do it.

  • Try keeping something in hand like a piece of candy to keep your mouth busy and to take that place of a cigarette.

  • If you drink plenty of water already, Perfect! Continue to do so. If not then start drinking a lot of water. You need to flush your system out of toxins and there is no better way then to drink plenty of water.

  • If you find yourself building up stress find an alternative method of releasing this stress. I found that controlled breathing and weight lifting was a way for me to release this stress. If there is something/anything that motivates you, read it, look at it, do it.

    Your plan here is to take everything you know, all the tips to quit smoking/knowledge and combine them together with everything for the ultimate push to help you break free of this smoking habit. I can never stress enough how much motivation and the power of your mind is in quitting. Combine the two together and power over your smoking habit today.

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    5 Useful Tips to Quit Smoking
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