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What Happens When You Stop Smoking? Few Things to Keep in Mind


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What if's are a normal part of our life! So it is very normal for a smoker to wander what happens when you stop smoking. You've noticed that I didn't write if, for one simple reason. After I show you all the things that you have been missing out on as a smoker, you will agree that when needs to be now.

First and most important you will gain your health back and prolong your life, because as long as you are smoking, you are allowing a cigarette to control your life and your health. When you stop smoking, you will immediately feel the energy rushing back in your body. Now you can run up the stairs without stopping every couple of minutes to take a breath.

Every time that you inhaled a smoke you have been feeding your body with toxins. Toxins are the reasons why you lacked all that energy, because your body wasted a lot of energy on fighting the toxins. Now that they are gone, your body is prepared to waste all that energy on something else, like any type of exercise.

Second thing that you will immediately recognize is more money in your pocket. Simple math will show you that I'm right. Let's consider that you only smoke one box a day. One box of cigarettes now costs approximately 5$. Now if you calculate how much you spend annually just on cigarettes, you'd be surprised. So your financial status will improve heavily. The third positive thing that you will experience is, no stinky smell. You will no longer have to fight with that awful cigarette smell. It tends to crawl everywhere. In every corner of your house, in your hair, your clothes. Not to mention your breath. There is no toothpaste in the world that can help you with this.

These are all the things that you will be gaining back. And maybe for the first time after a long period you will actually taste the food. Its real taste, not the one constantly mixed with the smell and taste of cigarettes.

The down side is that you may feel a real urge for another cigarette. You will also crave a lot more food. In order to make this better, you need to get a better lifestyle. Start exercising and eating right. Make sure you intake a lot of vitamins and clear water into your body. This will help clear the toxins out of your body.

When you decide to stop smoking rest assured that it will be a pleasant thing. So join our club of non-smokers, experience the life we lead, and enjoy all the good sides of life. Because when you quit smoking, there are a lot of good things that happen.

Keep in Mind That You need Motivation, Mind Set and Will Power To Stop Smoking and has enough information to get you started.


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