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Stop Smoking - A Public Reminder to Have a Healthy Lifestyle


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No Smoking! It is a sign that you can see almost everywhere, in a public utility vehicle, inside the mall, restaurant, hospital, street, company building this sign was spread out all over these places. But most smokers are just ignoring this warning, or they are just not legible to read and understand this sign.

These signs are not a command or rules to follow like traffic likes on the high ways, but a simple reminder that smoking is dangerous to your health. Though there are a lot of government programs that informs the public about the danger of smoking, smokers tend to ignore this friendly reminder.

Quitting smoking may not that easy for some people, it takes a lot of perseverance and discipline to succeed in quitting. As a goal, remember that quitting smoking will keep your body healthy and it is a right way in obtaining the right path to a healthy lifestyle. But of course this take a lot of perseverance and you should be serious in quitting.

You must condition your mind and body as an initial step. You cannot hurriedly stop smoking; make small steps at a time. Start in decreasing number of cigarette stick you smoke in a day. if you were smoking a case in a day you can lessen this by decreasing 1/8 to ΒΌ of the case of cigarette in a day, until such time that you are getting use to quit smoking.

Of course decreasing number of stick must be strictly implemented, you can ask someone or a smoking buddy to help you out and in the same way helping him also quitting smoking. A good suggestion is instead of cigarette you can try menthol flavored candies as an alternative for cigarette.

To aid you with your goals in quitting smoking, you can try herbal methods to stop smoking. it is a natural way if you really want to quit in smoking instead of using some medicines and therapies, herbs shown an efficient way at smoking termination, because herbs derives from plants and some natural products and much safer than taking in medicines.

You can also incorporate exercise to stop smoking, instead of a cigarette in your finger try to have a dumbbell that would make your body more active and increase your resistance. Or by merely taking a walk or jogging every morning is a healthy method instead of wasting your time with the vice that you are use to have.

Giving up the things that you used to, is hard but if sacrificing things like smoking will help you to stay healthy, no matter how hard it is, you must do what ever it take to hit your goal. Take one step at a time and you will succeed quitting smoking, conditioning your mind, decreasing number of stick, take herbal remedies and exercise will be a good help with your goal in taking away a bad habit.

Finally, you will be aware that some signs around you are not rules or command to follow, but a simple reminder to have a healthy lifestyle.

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