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Preparing Yourself For Quitting Smoking


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Make a decision positively that you desire to quit smoking. Try and avoid unenthusiastic thoughts regarding how difficult it can be. List all reasons you desire to quit. Every night before going to bed, repeat the reasons 10 times. Develop sturdy private thoughts including health reasons as it is the most important factor. Also, think of all the wasted time in taking cigarette breaks, rushing to buy pack, the cost of cigarettes, etc.

Make some small changes in your life: Start a modest exercise plan; drink more water; get plenty of rest; as well as avoid fatigue. Set the target day for quitting - maybe a special day like your birthday, anniversary, or Great American Smoke out. If you are smoking heavily at work, then quit during your vacation. Make that date sacred, and don't allow anything to get in the way of it. This will make it easier for you to keep track of the day you became a nonsmoker and to have fun that time each year celebrating the anniversary.


Switch to the brand you find repugnant. Change to a brand that is low in tar and nicotine for some weeks prior your target date. This will assist you in change your smoking habits. However, don't smoke extra cigarettes, don't breathe them in more frequently or more intensely, or place the fingertips over holes in filters. All of these will add to your nicotine ingestion, and the idea is to get the body used to functioning without nicotine.

Cut down number of cigarettes that you smoke, smoke each cigarette only halfway. Each day, put off lighting your first cigarette for 1 hour. Decide you will smoke only at odd number hours or even hours of the day. Decide earlier how many cigarettes you want to smoke on a given day. For every additional cigarette, donate a dollar to your preferred charity.

Change eating habits to assist you cut down on smoking. For example, have milk, which lots of people consider mismatched with smoking. Finish meals or snacks with a bite that will not lead to a cigarette. Reach for a glass of juice as an alternative to a cigarette for the “pick-me-up. " Keep in mind that cutting down on the amount you're smoking can help you kick the habit and serves as a stepping stone to becoming a non-smoker. If you're serious about quitting smoking and you have cut down considerably, it is time to set the target date in order to prepare yourself physically and mentally.

For more information about Quitting Smoking please visit where you will learn valuable tips on how to and available tools and aids to help you become a healthy, successful non-smoker.


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