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Quitting Smoking Without Withdrawal Symptoms Is Now Possible


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Chantix is an oral medication prescribed to individuals who are trying to quit smoking and is non-addictive. It also diminishes the taste of cigarette and kills the craving for smoke.   It is an alternative to other smoking cessation drugs and nicotine replacement therapy. Chantix is approved for use in adults and is taken for 12 weeks; patients who successfully quit may take an additional 12 weeks of the medication to increase their likelihood of long-term cessation.

Chantix is a cutting-edge treatment specifically developed to block nicotine's effect in the brain. The dosage, 1 mg twice daily after lunch and dinner, nearly doubles the likelihood of quitting versus Zyban and nearly quadruples the likelihood over placebo.

The data that led to the approval of this drug came from 6 clinical trials including more than 3,600 patients; 5 of the 6 studies were randomized controlled clinical trials in which it was shown to be superior to placebo. Chantix is a pill and is taken twice a day. Talk to your doctor about proper use, dosage, and side effects. It's easy to use, and is usually well tolerated. Some people taking Chantix experience nausea, which can usually be avoided by taking it with food.

If the clinically proven effectiveness of Chantix is making you think again about your stance on quit smoking pills, you are not alone. It's the only quit smoking pill right now which makes quitting smoking easier than imagined. Smokers who get the drug are also able to enroll in a free quitting support program.

Your doctor will determine if Chantix is right for you based on your medical history and the prescription drugs you are already taking. Physicians and patients have to make an informed decision about whether this drug is suitable, but in order to do that, it's important that they exchange some important information. For example, physicians should inquire about past psychiatric illnesses before they prescribe and patients should be educated to volunteer this information.

Chantix is available in all leading medical stores. It is also available online. It has so many benefits that people who quit smoking with it don't face any problems and easily get over with the habit. Unlike the other anti-smoking tools, Chantix is not a nicotine replacement. It works like nicotine but is not addictive and is proven to produce results in the fight against tobacco addiction. Keep that in mind as you consider whether it is something you want to try. What is promising about Chantix is that it works by dealing with both the psychological as well as the physical addiction to smoking, unlike many other products available.

Josh Darity writes about various topics. He maintains a Chantix blog about his Girlfriend's experience with the drug. To read more about what happened to his Girlfriend while on Chantix, please visit his online journal .


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The Stop Smoking Injection Is it the Answer to Quitting Smoking?
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