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Either You Quit or Suffer Harmful Smoking Effects

Anil Pandey

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There is no question that smoking has little or no benefit at all. Harmful smoking effects can lead to serious physical ailment and even death. Other than respiratory tract infections and cardiovascular diseases, people fail to realize that smoking also causes several disorders and diseases in the digestive system. People then need to be aware that if the digestive system is affected, it will pose the same risk to human life as it does when the heart is seriously impaired.

One effect that is all too common is heartburn. This sensation is felt if acidic juices from the stomach move to the esophagus. When a person smokes, the chemicals of the tobacco cause the esophageal valve to weaken. If this happens, the valve has no strength to push back acids that are going the wrong way. The liver is also at stake when a person smokes. Everyone should know how liver is important in straining bad chemicals from the body. The liver is responsible for cleaning toxins and straining harmful chemicals from drugs that we take in.

Crohn's Disease is another risk that smokers invite with this bad habit. Crohn's disease occurs if the lining of the intestines are inflamed. This results to severe abdominal pain and diarrhea and will lead to the necessity of surgery. Crohn's disease may show its symptoms are all parts of the gastrointestinal tract, which means there may be visible inflammation from the mouth down to the anus. There is no known medical solution or surgical solution to cure Crohn's Disease. Other than this, gallstones may be developed and we have to emphasize here that gallstones, which is normally associated to kidney failure, will also require surgery for them to be removed.

Peptic ulcer is also one major effect smoking has with the digestive system. Peptic ulcer is characterized by an open sore in the stomach lining. This lining is also known in the medical world as duodenum. To date, there really are no known cause if ulcer but there are many possible culprits, among which is smoking. According to research, there is no direct relationship between smoking and ulcer. This means that smoking alone does not cause the ulcer. However, the harmful effects of smoking cause other systems to break down and thus fail to battle ulcer.

It has already been established that people who smoke are killing themselves softly. There is no question that the life expectancy of people who smoke is greatly reduced than those who do not. It is also statistically measured that about half of male smokers will die of illnesses related or brought about by smoking.

The harmful smoking effects to the body are practically endless. There is not much research being done yet to prove and disprove that other deadly ailments are connected to or associated to smoking. It has also been proven that second-smoke is just about as dangerous as regular smoking. People should always remember that smoking effects are not only limited to the heart or cardiovascular system but also to other internal organs and even behavior and cognitive development.

Smoking is fun. It can be enjoyable too. But there is only a fine line between what can be a fun and a ‘release from pressure’ way to something which can be unhealthy, expensive and fatal. Find out what differentiates the two worlds at Quit Smoking


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