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Tips For Quitting Smoking - One's to Avoid


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The best tips for quitting smoking are the one's that will actually
help you to stop. What i am going to do is highlight some of the
reasons you should avoid when trying to stop smoking.

1. I will save money if i stop.

At some point, most smokers will realise that their smoking habit is
costing a lot of money. They will work out just how much money they
could save if they stopped smoking. This is then used as an incentive
to help them quit. It could be that they could afford a family holiday
or a new car with what this extra money.

Let's get this into perspective. If you ask a current smoker if they
would rather go on holiday and not be able to smoke or stay at home and
smoke all they wanted, which option do you think the smoker would

The same thing happens when a smoker thinks of the lovely new car they
could afford if only they stopped smoking. This is also doomed to end in failure.
Already there is a feeling of sacrifice. If i can just stop
smoking for long enough, the car will be mine. When smokers feel
deprived they usually reach for a cigarette. These kind of incentives
do not usually work. And anyway, when the smoker has that new car,
there is now no reason to stop smoking, the novelty has worn off and
more often than not the smoker starts to smoke again.

2. You tell all your family and friends your quitting.

On the face of it this sounds like a reasonable idea. The big problem
is that it puts added pressure on the smoker to stop. Even with all the
best intentions in the world, the smoker wants to let everyone know
they are definitely going to succeed this time. It is easy to say this
just before quit date.

The reality is that if you fail you are going to look a little foolish
in front of the very people you want to gain respect from. An even
worse scenario from this method is that many smokers become secret
smokers. The mental torture the smoker is going through now is
terrible. All self respect has gone, the smoker is now leading a double
life, afraid they may get caught. The cigarette is now even more
precious to the smoker, which makes quitting even more difficult.

Sooner or later the inevitable happens and you do get caught. You now
have to deal with the shame of lying to everyone. Oh the joys of being
a smoker!

3. The smoking pact with friends or work colleagues.

The idea is that you and some friends all decide to stop smoking
together. This also sounds like a good idea, you can all give each
other moral support. The problem is that if you do quit it will now be
shared between you. This takes some of the gloss off your own success.
The reality is that most of the people in that pact are secretly hoping
that one of them will fail, so they too can give in. The one's that
start smoking again will use the failure of the first as an excuse.

Besides, many of those in the pact will have been secretly cheating.
Stopping smoking using the above incentives can be a dangerous way to
quit, yet there are so many examples of this, and most of them end in
failure. For your own sake, make sure you think about them before you
decide to quit.

There is a way to stop smoking without these incentives. You can actually find the process of quitting enjoyable, yep you heard that right, i did and the great news is that you can too

tips for quitting smoking

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What NIKE Has To Do With Quitting Smoking And How It Can Help You Stop Smoking
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