How To Educate Your Child On The Harmful Effects Of Smoking


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A child is normally filled with full of curiosity and playfulness especially with teenagers. In fact, studies have shown that most smokers have started smoking since their teenage years. Teenagers will normally smoke to look cool or to be socially accepted among peers. It is up to the parents to properly educate and nurture their children on the harmful and hazardous effect smoking can have.

A child generally learns all types of habits from his parents. The chances of him becoming a smoker is almost absolute if you are a smoker as a parent. Getting rid of the habit of smoking may be an encourage to your children.

Similarly to consuming healthy food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Be a living example to the ones you love most on this earth, because you wouldn’t want your child to pick up smoking and harm his health caused by your actions.

Educate and talk to your children while they are still young. You can begin to explain how your body, heart and lungs functions. Input a mental image of black lungs and negative effects into your child’s mind. Instead of letting your children watch TV at their free will, criticize actors and actress who smoke and blame them for being a bad influence and do this in front of your kids.

Further explain to your children how smoking deprives the blood flow, take away the radiance of skin and face and how it will drain the energy of a person.

Be involved with your child activities. Teach your child to look at things positively in life. Encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating healthy food. You should not pamper your child. Let them know what’s right and wrong because they won’t know it without guidance.

Tony James is an ex-smoker for 15 years and is currently helping smokers to quit smoking with ease without the discomfort of cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

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