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Are you looking for effective quit smoking aids? If so, you have landed on the right web page. In fact, waste no time in taking your first step towards a smoke free life. Finish reading this article and you will learn some of the most popular stop smoking methods.

So, let us begin with the study of various aspects and effects of smoking and nicotine on our bodies. Learn the ways to fight the habit and quit smoking to lead a healthy life once again.

In the beginning, cigarette cessation is typically difficult for us? So, we often need quit smoking aids to assist quitting smoking cigarettes. That is primarily due to the ‘nicotine’ in cigarettes. Yes, nicotine is one highly addictive drug because it enters our blood stream. It makes the smoker physically as well as psychologically dependent on cigarettes.

Not to mention, the smoker exhales secondhand smoke, which results in passive smoking of anyone nearby. This makes cigarette smoking dangerous for both the smokers as well as the people around them.

Beyond the full strength prescription drug Zyban, which is commonly used by heavy smokers, is nicotine replacement therapy and stop smoking hypnosis.

NRT: Nicotine Replacement Therapy. It is considered to be one of the most effective means for smokers to reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms. When the smoker decides to quit smoking forever, he/she is provided with small dosages of nicotine in the form of nicotine replacements. These replacements can be taken in the form of nicotine patches (Habitrol, Nicoderm, Nicotrol and Prostep), nicotine gums (Nicorette gum), nicotine inhalers or nicotine nasal sprays. Additionally, if you are in the habit of smoking your first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up, you should also consider Commit Lozenges.

Most of these NRT medicines are available over-the-counter, but you should see your GP for professional advice prior to deciding on the best quit smoking aids.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis: On the other hand, some prefer stop smoking hypnosis to NRT. In review, a few studies prove that hypnosis techniques are more successful for total cigarette cessation than NRT. That is because they rely heavily on the positive results of quitting smoking and motivating a smoker for the good cause. These techniques are not about controlling the mind of smokers, which is a common myth when addressing stop smoking hypnosis programs.

NRT or Hypnosis? The decision lies with you. Visit a GP and decide which quit smoking aids will work best for you!

Loren Bailey is the webmaster and content advisor for Quit-Smoking-Patch.com and other health related web sites such as BuyBupropionHcl.com .


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