Smoking is Injurious to Health


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You all know the harmful effects of smoking on our health, environment and others. Smoking is harmful for each and every organ of the body. In simple words, we can say that smokers are near death stage. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug found in tobacco. The intake of this drug stops your body growth and results in causing various diseases.

Smoking results in causing ulcer, stroke, mouth and throat cancer, larynx cancer, various heart diseases, pulmonary disease, bladder and cervical cancer. So, it becomes very important to give up this bad habit. Quitting this bad habit will reduce your risks for diseases and improve your health.

Leaving smoking habits is not an easy job but it can be done. The choice is yours that how you want to quit, what kind of help you need, which option you want to choose and where to go for help. After 2-3 trials, you can successfully quit from this habit. Every time you try to quit, you came to know the favorable and unfavorable situations.

Firstly you have to make-up your mind and change your nearby environment. Throw all cigarettes and ashtrays from your workplace, car and home. Your family, friends can also help you to achieve this. Don’t allow anyone to smoke around you. You can also take advice from your health care provider. Keep yourself busy and take proper rest. There are many medication programs that help you in quitting and diminishing your urge to smoke.

Leaving this habit results into proper development of your body, lessens the risk of developing diseases, increases your learning and working capacity and halves the risk of dying. You will find the following symptoms that may exist for few days after leaving your smoking habit: faintness, depression tetchiness, trouble while sleeping, agitation, headache and sleepiness.

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Quit Smoking By Hypnosis For Better Health
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