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Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet


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While exploring the suitability of the South Beach Diet for you, the 3-phase structure of this diet plan will not fail to impress you. Only Phase 1 is the restrictive-eating phase in the South Beach Diet as far as foods that are allowed are concerned; luckily it also happens to be the shortest phase.

But despite being restrictive, Phase 1 offers a variety of food options to pick from. It is easy to get started on the diet and be flexible too so long as you stay within its well-defined parameters.

The reason why the South Beach Diet is so popular is that Phase 1 of the diet eliminates your cravings for unhealthy foods. In Phase 1, restrictions are placed on intake of grains, full-fat dairy products and even fruits.

Okay, this does not mean that you will have to live your whole life without touching these foods - the restrictions are to be followed only during Phase 1, which is meant to detoxify your body to ensure that last traces of metabolic toxins exit your system. Once the detoxification process is over, your craving for bad carbs and saturated fats too will vanish.

Phase 1 is the toughest part of the South Beach Diet because most people have been consuming dairy products and grains all their life. However, the diet makes up for this loss by offering many yummy recipes that satiate your taste buds.

This means that the variety of foods on the plate goes up and you also learn more about foods that are healthy. The South Beach Diet includes a lot of health-friendly seafood dishes, like cod, mackerel, shrimp and salmon, which most people find very delicious.

Phase 1 may be the most restrictive, but it sure isn't difficult to slip into. Beginners on the South Beach Diet need to adjust their cooking techniques, but the food that the diet brings to the table is highly enjoyable and healthy and yet doesn't cut out what you've been accustomed to. Here's an example: If you cannot do without read meat, then don't worry, all that the South Beach Diet requires you to do is consume specified cuts, not give it up entirely.

Phase 1 educates you about healthy food habits and tasty and nutritious cooking that promotes good health as well as weight loss. So, if you'd like to know more about the South Beach Diet, go ahead and read the available literature, not just about Phase 1 but about the entire diet plan.

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