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Green Light Fat Burning Foods

Johnny Moon

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What are “Green Light" foods?

"Green Light" foods are the foods you will be basing your diet on when you start the revolutionary diet program The Day Off Diet. They are special fat burning foods which tell your body to “turn off the fat storing gene" that makes us gain fat in the first place! When you get instant access to The Day Off Diet you will have all of the details you need to follow the program successfully so that you can lose fat fast.

It's an easy to follow system

One of the great things about the “Green Light" food guideline method (besides the fact that it works so well for so many people) is that it's extremely easy to follow. There's no calorie counting, carb counting, or fat counting involved. You won't have to keep a food diary. All you have to do is base your diet around these special foods and you will lose weight.

What about the “day off"?

The Day Off Diet has another element that makes even more effective. That element is what gives the diet it's name. Every 7th day you are on the diet you will be taking a “day off" from dieting. On this day you can eat & drink anything you want. In fact you are encouraged to do just that because it will help you to lose weight faster!


You will lose weight faster by eating anything you want once a week because this “pig out" day will actually give your body a “calorie spike" which will keep your metabolism running on high. This is a great advantage for this diet over other diets which put your body into starvation mode and make it harder to lose weight. There's also the great psychological advantage of being able to satisfy your cravings every Saturday (most people's choice for their “day off" but you can choose any day. ) This will help you to stick with the diet long term.

7 Reasons To Start The Day Off Diet.

Day Off Diet Review .


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15 Fat Burning Foods Eat and Lose?
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