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Low Carb Fast Food Its Not That Difficult to Find!


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For those of us who are following one of the ever-popular low carbohydrate diets, such as Atkins or the South Beach Diet, it's always a real problem finding something on the menu, while eating out or snacking. Maybe you are trying to rattle up a quick lunch and you find that all the usual recipes cater for people who are happy to eat plenty of bread or potatoes. What's even more irritating is that all of the usual diet recipes contain ingredients involving high carbohydrate content.

You'll be glad to know however, just how easy it is to adapt recipes to your particular needs. Indeed you can have plenty of fun inventing a few new low carb fast food dishes of your own.

Don't forget that while others may be tucking into that staple of fast food, the hamburger with buns, you can in fact easily adapt it to your needs by including a few interesting ingredients such as Portabella mushrooms. Or why not place a slice of your favorite tasty cheese to melt onto the hamburger as it grills. A few slices of bacon go well with a hamburger, as we all know. While others are munching on their fries what are you to do? Well why not try some cheese sticks with a tasty dip. Mozzarella cheese cut into strips and fried or baked in the oven is a good substitute for chips also.

Our culture tends to be obsessed with a few types of meat such as beef and chicken but your low carb diet could be the perfect excuse to be a little bit more adventurous.

Minced lamb can be a wonderful alternative to beef when making a burger and in my opinion it has lots more flavor. A pork chop may seem to you like the ingredient for a main meal but in fact I remember, long before Atkins, a famous dietitian recommending a couple of pork or lamb chops for breakfast and they are so easy and quick to cook and have the advantage of being wonderfully filling so that you wont find yourself feeling hungry for the rest of the morning.

Low carb fast food can be as interesting and varied as you wish. Don't forget the whole area of fish and shellfish. Prawns are a great snack and you can try any number of marinades and dips to enhance their flavor. Why not try a quick and healthy lunch of fresh mackerel. Its delicious fried in olive oil and butter with just a sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper on top.

Sometimes it's the simplest and easiest of dishes that turn out to be the tastiest.

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