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Want to Burn Fat? Learn How You Can Burn 9 Pounds of Fat Over the Next 11 Days!


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No, that was not a typo! Fat Loss 4 Idiots, formerly know as Weight Loss 4 Idiots, will show anyone exactly how to do just that, burn fat and burn fat fast. The secret is in the ‘Calorie Shifting’ diet that causes the body to morph into a natural fat burning machine and this is also the secret as to why other diets just don't work and don't help you to burn fat.

Most diets promote the ludicrous idea that eating less will help you to lose more. But what they don't tell you is that by eating less, you actually cause your metabolism to slow instead of increase which is what is needed to burn fat fast. Fat Loss 4 Idiots actually maps out the best diet plan for you in which you eat 4 times a day instead of the traditional 3 times thus boosting your metabolism dramatically.

The secret in ‘Calorie Shifting’ is confusing the body by consistently changing the type of calories that you digest everyday. There's no chicken meal day after day. No fish dish everyday either. In fact, there is not even any calorie OR fat OR carb counting at all. Fat Loss 4 Idiots simply teaches you exactly what type of food to eat and at what time of the day to eat it so that your body produces the most fat ‘burning’ hormones that it possibly can while minimizing the production of fat ‘storing’ hormones.

Most people remain fat and overweight not because they are eating the wrong types of foods or even eating too much of it, but because they are simply eating them at the wrong time of the day. If you truly want to shed pounds of fat and burn it off fast, you must learn how to eat so that you can shoot your metabolism off of the charts and start to burn and burn and you can do it over the next 11 days.

You don't have to be FAT anymore! Learn how to burn 9 pounds of unsightly fat every 11 days now and forever. Get more information about Fat Loss 4 Idiots and other practical tips for healthier living at


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