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Master Cleanser Lemonade Diet What Are the Ingredients in the Master Cleanser Lemonade Diet?


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The master cleanser lemonade diet is a unique type of detox diet in that it does not use any artificial products or ingredients, and instead relies on an all natural system to detox your body. It still works very quickly, but because it is all-natural it has a positive effect on your overall health.

Countless people from all over the world have been using this diet to not only detox but to lose weight as well. Beyonce from Destiny's Child also uses this very same diet and claims that it works wonders for her.

What are the ingredients of the master cleanser lemonade diet?

1. ) Fresh Organic Lemon Juice

This is the main ingredient that gives it the lemonade taste and makes it all taste as it should, but lemon juice is also rich in antioxidants and other nutrients which are great for boosting your body's own natural detox processes.

2. ) Red Cayenne Pepper

A surprising choice for many people, but this pepper when mixed in with this drink really cannot be tasted, but it's effects as a detox agent on your detox system are wonderful and it will really help your body to detox much more quickly and is a key ingredient of the master cleanser lemonade diet.

3. ) Grade B Maple Syrup

This really helps to give the drink a nice sweet taste and you will actually look forward to drinking it which is a bonus. Plus, the syrup is very rich in goodness and also acts as a detox agent which will give your body's detox processes a nice boost.

4. ) Pure Water (Mineral is best)

One of the simplest and yet most important of all the ingredients. The pure water is essential for your body to remove unwanted toxins and also the minerals and nutrients in it are good for you as well. This does need to be pure mineral water and not tap water though, as tap water contains too many toxins.

If you mix all of these together with the master cleanser lemonade diet you will not only create a nice tasting drink, but it will set your body on a pretty much immediate detox that will last just 10 days! Yes, in 10 days you will be fully detoxed and will also have much more energy and drive and will feel like a new you!

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