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Medifast Food Observations How This Weight Loss System Will Change the Way You Think About Food


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I've lost a lot of weight (about 80 pounds) on this diet and have been on it since last year. People often ask me about the medifast food and how it taste and / or how hard is it to prepare. The answer to these questions is it's pretty decent tasting (especially if you enhance it with fat / sugar free syrups and fat free cheeses and sour cream) and it's extremely convenient - much of it is grab and go or only takes a few minutes to assemble.

But what I think is most notable about the medifast food is that over time, it completely changes the way you see (and think about) food and what you put into your mouth and feed your body.

I can't speak for anyone else, but before I started this diet, I personally thought about, fretted over, and pondered food way too much. Of course, thinking about food all of the time made me want more of it, so that I ended up consuming much more junk food, calories, and fat.

With this diet, the food is prepared and provided for you. Although you make one healthful meal on your own each day, you're given instructions on how to do this. The rest of the time, you eat the safe choices the company has provided for you.

Because of this, after a while, you stop thinking about food so much and you're content with less. You begin to see food as only a way to nourish and fuel your body rather than something to break boredom, release stress, or cope.

Looking back, I now realize that I probably had a very unhealthy obsession with, or addiction to, food. Being on this diet helped me break that pattern before I even knew what happened.

When I first started this plan, I was very much afraid that I would crave all of the foods I was giving up and would be miserable without them. I did miss my junk food at first, but once I started to see results, something changed for me. I started to realize that no food tastes as good as thin and healthy feels. I'd rather slide on my size six jeans than have a piece of chocolate cake any day. I now know I can get my fix from a medifast shake or the plan's pudding. And honestly, if I do splurge and have chips or cake, it feels just too heavy, sugary, salty or fatty to me now. Junk food really doesn't do much for me anymore.

This will be important as I enter the maintenance phase of the diet because I'll have to make more of my own choices.

I think I'm up for this challenge though because sitting here 80 pounds lighter confirms to me that I'll never do anything to go back to being overweight and unhealthy.

Lindsey Price is the author of the ebook “Getting The Most Out Of Medifast, " which offers tips for having success on the diet, pros and cons, how tos, and a two week free coupon. To get a free copy (immediate download / no information required), click here You can also visit her diet review website at http://geniefrancisdietreview.


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