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Are You an Idiot For Trying Fat Loss For Idiots?

Carol Bartram

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Fat Loss 4 idiots promises an initial weight loss of up to 11 lb in the first 9 days of using, with no slimming or appetite-controlling drugs and no laxatives. Wow! That's one hell of a claim to follow up, and I didn't expect to be impressed when I saw the blurb.

In my opinion as a Personal Trainer, weight loss of that magnitude is not desirable in a short space of time. You may have initial success in dropping the pounds, but if you starve yourself by going on a very low fat, low calorie or no-carbs regime, you are doomed to failure.

After the first weight drop, your body will retaliate by declaring a famine, pulling up the drawbridge and preparing for a siege! Your appetite will be increased until you'd kill for a piece of toast, all your body fat - the bit you actually want to lose - will be kept in storage, and you will be burning muscle tissue instead.

This is bad. Having muscle is essential for burning calories. No muscle means the food you eat will not be used and will be stored. As fat. Crash dieting is the equivalent of Hannibal telling his troops that elephants are harmless. Likely to end in tears!

Fat Loss 4 Idiots claims the answer to weight loss is “calorie shifting" and that their diet gives you different foods to eat over an 11 day period that will “confuse your metabolism" and so persuade your body to shift fat. You also have to eat more than 3 times a day and food is not the enemy.

Well, that makes good sense. Food is definitely not the enemy - the right kinds of food, that is. Lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy, wholewheat bread, rice and pasta, vegetables and fruit are the good guys. Processed, refined foods, ready meals and “fast food" are the baddies - loaded with salt, sugar and additives and high in saturated fat. These will make you fatter without nourishing you.

Fat Loss for Idiots offers you a full, online meal plan for 11 days, based on preferences you enter, so you won't have to eat anything you hate. But that doesn't mean you can eat cheeseburgers and candy and expect to lose weight! A typical day would be oatmeal for breakfast, salad with tuna for lunch, chicken with vegetables for dinner and a healthy snack later. Portions are on the smaller side, but you should never feel hungry as you never have to go more than a few hours without eating. This will encourage your body to burn fat. Along with your online diet generator, you get a manual of healthy tips for weight loss, and advice on exercising.

There are plenty of testimonials to prove that it does work, and having your diet plans all calculated for you means that one of the big headaches of other diet plans - the actual decision of what to eat and how much - are all done for you.

You will definitely lose weight if you stick to the diet plans in Fat Loss 4 Idiots, and I have to admit that the food choices are healthy and nourishing. So not only will you lose fat, you'll feel better as well.

I hold qualifications in Personal Training, Nutrition and Pilates, and I believe that a healthy lifestyle is a balance of exercise, sensible eating and some relaxation - Work, Rest and Play! If you would like to learn more about Fat Loss For Idiots or how I can help you achieve the body you desire, please visit


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What is Meant by Fat Loss For Idiots Weight Loss Program? Losing 8 Lbs in Days
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