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Fad Diet Types Do They Work?


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Recently there has been a lot of hullabaloo about all the upcoming fad diets. It has been the latest fad to go for fad diets and follow a regime whose pros and cons are hardly known or made known. Basically, they are merely a way to lose weight in no time, say, crash diets. They are meant for short periods and claim that without any physical activity only a controlled diet can ensure weight loss. By and large, these fad diets can be divided into few notable categories, which are described below. Most of them restrict you to have carbohydrates and suggest low-fat and low-carb diets. This brings general weakness to your body and you may loose weight as much but will not be healthy anymore.

Mainly, fad diet can be:

A liquid diet restricts you from having any sort of solid food or eatables. It suggests the inclusion of only liquid juices etc. whenever you feel hungry. This manner may ensure that you lose weight, if you cope with this regime regularly, but the moment you start eating back, the lost pounds would start showing. Reason for the same is that your body is no more accustomed to digest the solid diet. Also this fad diet doesn't provide your body with necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Cabbage soup/ice-cream diet is one that suggests the inclusion of only one type of diet. This fad diet will restrict all the other kind of food items, which is very dangerous. Weakness will start showing very soon in the absence of necessary minerals and vitamins. Such dieters will experience that their metabolic rate has reduced considerably. Due to lower intake of calories during fad diet, the metabolism rate goes down.

High intake of protein diets may give good and satisfying outputs but may cause serious damage to your system. Such diets claim that high dose of proteins will help you reduce weight and build good muscles. Do not trust this claim. Muscles are only built under careful weight training; even doctors agree to this. High protein can cause serious damages to liver and kidney.

Diets like Atkins are very low-carb diets and are designed to exclude whole grains from the meal. This will reduce the intake of fibers and roughage in the diet; hence the body will not get the required minerals, magnesium and thiamine. In the absence of dairy products, there will be no calcium and Vitamin D. Absence of fruits and starchy vegetables will reduce the inclusion of Vitamin A, C and Potassium. Hence, if you are a physically active person, and your routine includes exercise, this kind of regime is not suitable for your body.

I lost 40 lbs in 3 months with extreme dieting measures that almost destroyed my health. Spicy food lots of milk that lead to serious diarrhea every day. I've been doing a bit of research after my dramatic weight loss experience and found that there's actually a PROGRAM designed to do what I attempted, except its basically more healthier and effective.

You can find that specific program at Weight Loss Insider. I recommend you take a look at this Weight Loss Programs and see what they have to say about what you should do to lose 40lbs in 3 months healthily!


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