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How Does Medifast Food Taste?


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I've been on this diet since last year and have had a good deal of success, so I've eaten a lot of it's food. Of all the questions I get about Medifast, the taste of the food is probably the most common. People want to know just how bad they are going to have it since they're going to be eating five of the plan's meals per day. This article will discuss the food's taste, which foods I think are the best and how I improve upon the foods I don't particularly like.

The Good Tasting Medifast Foods: Before I start my list, I need to say that for the most part, I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of most of the foods. I think I expected the chalky aftertaste I remembered from slim fast. If this is what you, too, are thinking, know that diet food has come a long way.

The Medifast Shakes: The shakes have a very pleasant, rich taste and come in a few different varieties and many different flavors (Dutch chocolate, Swiss mocha, French vanilla, banana crème, etc. ) Of all of them, I prefer the 55 shakes (which is the mainstay of the 5 plus one plan) because I can easily control the texture and consistency of these. I am also able to add in sugar and fat free flavorings for more variety. But, if I don't have time to mix my shakes, the ready to drink shakes (like a kid's juice box) work just fine in a pinch. I find the shakes to be quite filling. I always keep these on hand in my purse or car.

The Medifast Bars: If you've eaten a lot of high protein diet bars, you know that some of them can be bone dry and tasteless. The company seems to have gotten it right because most of these bars are chewy and have a nice texture. The flavors are pretty good too. The chocolate mint tastes a lot like Girl Scout thin mint cookies, while the caramel nut sort of reminds me of a twix. These bars are also convenient. You just remove the wrapper and eat them. They're pretty filling too.

The Cappuccino / Latte / Hot Chocolate: I honestly think that these products helped to keep me on this diet because prior to this, I made a daily stop to Starbucks every morning for a mocha coffee. I now mix these products together and voila I have my fix in a very healthy and diet friendly way. Some of the cappuccinos are part of the momentum line which contains a few extra ingredients to boost my metabolism even more.

The Medifast Breakfast Foods (Scrambled Eggs And Oatmeal): I am not usually one for ready made eggs, but I was extremely pleasantly surprised by the taste of these. I eat them at meals other than breakfast because they are so flexible. Sometimes I will use them to make an omelet and sometimes I'll wrap them in a fat free tortilla for an egg burrito.

I am a big fan of the oatmeal because it fools me into forgetting this is actually a low carb diet. This taste a lot like Quaker brand. I like the blueberry and the peach flavors.

The Pudding: The pudding is really good alone, but it's outstanding if you add fat free syrup to it (think caramel or raspberry). It's also very useful as an ingredient for low calorie muffins or cookies.

The Foods That Needs Help / Enhancement:

The Cream Soups: Although I actually like the plan's chicken noodle soup and the chili, the cream variety soup (cream of tomato, broccoli, and chicken) are just too thick for my liking. I add water to them and will add salsa to the chicken. I sometimes add fat free sour cream and fat free cheese to the cream of tomato to enhance the taste.

The Fruit Drinks: These fruit drinks (in cranberry mango and tropical punch) have too strong a taste for me. I water them down first and or put them over shaved ice for a snow cone.

Overall though, I've found the Medifast food to taste pretty good and be pretty tolerable. Once I experimented with the textures and additions that worked best for me, I was able to eat it with no problems. And, once I began to see pretty dramatic results, I no longer obsessed as much about the food or it's taste because truthfully, nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

You can see a Medifast foods list on my website or in my free ebook. You'll also find tips, articles, recipes, and a two weeks free coupon. Please visit for links to these resources.


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