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Medifast Weight Loss - Who it Works For


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I've lost approximately 80 pounds on medifast, so this article will not be your typical review of the diet. If you read any of my articles (including this one), it's pretty obvious that I'd review this diet extremely favorably, as it's worked great for me in terms of effectiveness, ease of use, convenience, taste of the food, and my ability to stick with it.

Instead of giving your standard rating, this article will focus on my observations of who medifast works best for. Many people ask me specific questions about this diet ("How Does It Work?" “How Hard Is It?", etc. ) when what they are really trying to ask is “Will it work for me?" In an attempt to answer that question, I'm going to outline who I believe this diet works best for. Please note this is only my opinion based on my own observations, experience, and research. But, I've noticed that people who are successful on this diet:

Like The Convenience Of Having Decisions Made For Them: Yes, there are over 70 food choices with this diet, but I find that most people like this one because they prefer having the prepackaged foods made and chosen for them. Weight Watchers did not work for me because having so many choices (and having to calculate points myself) was a recipe for disaster. Ultimately I decided against Nutrisystem because it requires you to add your own food choices at every meal. Although I wish I had the will power or decision making skills to handle this, the truth is I don't. It's best for me if I only have to decide which “safe" choices to eat. If I'm given enough leeway, I'll only use it to make food decisions I'll later regret.

Are Able And Willing To Experiment With / Enhance The Foods: This may seem contradictory to the above paragraph, but it's really not. Before I signed on for medifast, I spent a lot of time in the forums and I noticed that the dieters who were really having huge successes enhanced the food to give themselves variety. Some ways people do this is by: adding sugar and fat free syrups to the shakes, puddings, lattes, cappuccinos and oatmeals; adding fat free cheese, salsa and sour cream to the chilis, soups, and stews; and using the pudding's dry ingredients to make muffins and cookies. This may sound like extra work, but if you consider most of the prepackaged food is grab and go or under a few minutes to assemble, you're still out the door in only a few minutes and these changes increase variety so you'll stick to the program.

Had Success With Atkins / Low Carb Diets, But Hated Them: I find that a lot of folks who are very successful on the medifast diet are those who dropped a lot of weight on low carb diets like South Beach and Atkins but eventually quit because eating meat, fats, and proteins constantly is not sustainable long term. These diets work by putting your body in ketosis and tricking it into burning it's own fat. Well, medifast works in the same way because the foods are very high in protein and low in carbs. But, you actually get to eat snack, carb, and dessert type foods so you don't really realize that you are on a low carb diet and you don't suffer all of the misery that goes with it. In my experience, you're basically getting the best of both worlds.

Lindsey's free Medifast ebook contains: a list of all medifast products in one place; the medifast recipes mentioned in this article; as well as a discussion on the pros and cons, having success on the diet, a link to the specials, and a 2 weeks free coupon. You can also visit her website at


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Medifast Weight Loss System - A Quick Overview
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