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Medifast Shakes - What Kinds Are Available? How Do They Taste? What Are the Flavors?


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I've lost quite a bit of weight on medifast, so I do consume a lot of the plan's shakes and I often carry them with me. So, I'm often asked about variety and taste, which I will go over in this article. First though, I want to make clear that this isn't a liquid or shake only diet. The shakes are popular because they are filling, convenient and taste pretty good. But, they are only one choice among over 70 food options.

If you are picturing the chalky tasting shakes like the old slim fast variety that you can get in the grocery store (like I was), you're likely to be pleasantly surprised. They have a rich, pleasant taste not unlike a lighter version of Steak And Shake's yogurt option. That said, a high quality blender and serving them ice cold really enhances the taste.

The shakes are very high in protein and low in calories and carbs. They are lactose and gluten / whey free and are vegetarian. They're nutritionally sound as well. I sometimes dress them up by adding fat free syrups and fat free whipped cream. Now, onto the types and flavors.

Medifast 55 Shakes: These are probably the most popular as they are a staple of the women's five plus one plan. These require quick assembly in a blender. The flavors available are: banana crème, Dutch chocolate, French vanilla, orange crème, and Swiss mocha. Dutch chocolate is hands down the most popular and has your typical mild chocolate shake flavor. The Swiss mocha is superb mixed with the plan's cappuccino or latte. I have heard people say the French vanilla taste a bit like a frappacino, but to me, it's not that rich. It's more of a lighter taste like the new Wendy's vanilla frosty (but not as thick, unless you use less liquid. ) Of the fruit flavors, I much prefer the banana as the orange has sort of a Lifesaver taste, which is much better in candy than in a shake.

Medifast Ready To Drink Shakes: If you don't have time to assemble your shakes, these are perfect. These are sort of like a kid's juice box or a ready to drink chocolate milk. But, they only come in Dutch chocolate and French vanilla and you have no control over the texture (unless you add water, but if you're going to go to that trouble, you may as well opt for the 55s. ) Still, they are a staple for me because I'm not always able to assemble my shakes nor do I always have a blender handy.

Appetite Suppressant: These are basically the same as the 55s, but they have added the ingredient of Citrimax to suppress your appetite. They don't contain caffeine, so there's no jittery feelings or rises in heart rate or blood pressure. These come in basic vanilla and chocolate flavors. I used these at first but once I got used to the plan and the weight began coming off steadily, I no longer felt I needed them.

Medifast 70: These have more calories and are mostly used by men or women who are very active.

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