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Medifast Weight Loss System - A Quick Overview


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I've lost nearly 65 pounds on medifast and am still going strong. From the questions that I am often asked, I find that there are a lot of misconceptions about this diet plan. Here is a quick overview which will hopefully give you an accurate idea of what this system is all about:

Medifast is a meal replacement diet which means that you replace some of your daily meals with prepackaged options provided by the company. There are over 70 different meals from which to choose. There are some liquid choices, but the plan is definitely not a liquid only diet. Typical meals include shakes, bars, puddings, teas, lattes, cappuccinos, chilis, stews, crackers, eggs, and oatmeals etc.

In addition to eating five of these meals per day, you will provide your own “lean and green meal. " This is usually your largest meal of the day and although you can have it at any time, most people prefer to eat this main meal at dinner time. The lean and green consists of lean protein and veggies or salads. It may sound difficult to eat six times per day, but it really isn't because the foods are pretty much grab and go and very convenient.

I find the taste of the foods to be pretty decent, but you can make them taste even better by adding sugar free syrups. You can add these to the shakes, puddings, lattes and oatmeals. I like adding either caramel or cherry flavored syrup but there are countless choices. You can also make muffins and cookies from the pudding and shake ingredients. I also take the liberty of adding fat free cheese and sour cream to the soups and stews.

The company states that the typical weight loss is 2-3 pounds per week. I have found that if I add a bit of exercise (power walking, roller blading, or gardening with a weight vest) I can get this even higher, usually as much as five pounds per week. This program works by putting your body in ketosis and tricking it into burning its own fat. Since exercise also burns fat, moving your body means doubling your efforts.

The cost is about $8 per day, but there are usually coupons available. For me personally, this has been the only plan that has been both effective and easy for me stick with. Eating the company's foods does take some getting used to initially, but adding the syrups and being motivated by the changes in your body can really help.

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