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Medifast Vs Jenny Craig - Which Is Better?


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I've lost quite a bit of weight on Medifast and I have a girlfriend who is doing quite well on Jenny Craig. Many of our mutual friends ask us which one works better. The answer depends on your own preferences and personality. In this article I will explain what I believe are the key differences between the two plans. Hopefully, this information will help you decide which would be best for you.

The Similarities: Both of these plans rely on a wide variety of prepackaged meals. You choose your preferences for meals and snacks and you then order them from the company. Jenny Craig encourages you to supplement the meals with your own healthy options like fruits and vegetables. Medifast encourages you to have one large daily “lean and green meal" that you prepare yourself. This is usually lean protein and fruits and vegetables. In a nutshell, with both plans you will be eating mostly prepackaged foods. However, with Jenny Craig, you will be supplementing each meal with your own healthy options. With Medifast, you will supply your own main meal once per day while eating the company's prepackaged meals for the rest of the day. My girlfriend and I have taste tested most foods on both plans and both are pretty good. You can also add your own sugar free syrups, toppings and fat free items to the foods to give them variety.

The Major Differences: The major difference between the two plans is the level of one on one support. With Jenny Craig, you are assigned a counselor. If you sign up through a clinic, you will personally visit your counselor once per week. If you sign up online, you will communicate with your counselor via telephone. Although Medifast offers extensive online support and resources, you do not have a one on one relationship with any one person. Which method you prefer depends a great deal on your personality. If you crave and like lots of human contact and support, you might prefer Jenny Craig. If you prefer to rely on family, friends, yourself, online resources or those closest to you rather than a company representative, Medifast may work better.

Costs Of Both Plans: Both plans require that you pay for your prepackaged foods. The cost of the foods are pretty similar, averaging $8-$10 per day. Jenny Craig does charge additional fees but they usually have specials. A current example is $35 for six weeks plus the cost of food. Medifast does not charge for anything but the food so for that reason Medifast is a bit cheaper.

Which Is For You?: Which of these plans is best for you depends a lot on your preferences. If you like having more input in your meals and don't mind meal preparation and supplementation, you might lean more toward Jenny Craig. However, if convenience is the highest thing on your wish list, Medifast might make more sense.

Of course, the biggest difference between the two plans is the one on one support. If you really need and want to see or speak with someone on a weekly basis, you might have more success on Jenny Craig. However, if you'd rather not have that responsibility, Medifast may just be the ticket.

There are many celebrities endorsing both plans. Kristi Swanson and Genie Francis endorse Medifast. Valerie Bertinelli and Queen Latifah are on Jenny Craig. It's really easy to confuse the two. I hope this article has helped to sort out the main differences.

Lindsey Price has lost over 50 pounds on Medifast. She is also the author of the e book “Getting The Most Out Of Medifast. " To get a free copy (immediate download / no information required), click here.


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