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Sample Medifast Menu - A Look At A Day's Worth Of Meals


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I'm going on a 60 pound weight loss with this diet plan and I'm often asked if I can eat real foods or if I am starving myself. Yes, I eat real foods and no, I'm absolutely not starving myself. In fact, I eat six times per day because I am on the five plus one plan. To demonstrate this, I'm going to show you what I typically eat during one entire day on Medifast.

Breakfast (7:00): I typically will eat either the plan's oatmeal or scrambled eggs for breakfast. Both are prepackaged (as are all of the meals). To keep myself from getting bored, I add fruit or sugar free syrup to the oatmeal. If I have time, I will add veggies and fat free cheese to the eggs to make an omelet. If I don't have time to sit down and eat, I will put the eggs / omelet into a fat free / low calorie tortilla so I can eat it on the way to work. I switched from breakfast coffee to green tea because green tea helps support a healthy metabolism and gives me as much pep as coffee. I add fat free creamer and stevia to the green tea instead of sugar.

Mid morning snack (10:00 -10:30): For my snack, I like to drink a medifast shake. Although there are many flavors, I will usually add sugar free syrup to add to the variety. My favorite is adding sugar free caramel syrup to the dutch chocolate shake. If I'm really feeling adventurous, I'll add a small amount of sliced almonds to the shake for even more protein and crunch.

Lunch (around noon): I usually chose the plan's soup, stew or chili for lunch. I like adding fat free cheese and sour cream to the chili and the medifast crackers to the top of the soup for crunch.

Mid afternoon snack (about 3:30): I like something sweet for my mid afternoon snack so I will usually go for medifast's prepackaged protein bar, pudding, or cookies / muffins that I make by using the company's oatmeal or pudding as the main ingredient. There are many recipes available that allow me to stay on the plan with homemade baked treats because I make them using the diet's prepackaged foods and fat free ingredients.

Lean and Green Dinner: (Around 6:00pm) My dinner is the only meal I need to worry about planning and preparing myself. You are supposed to choose lean protein and veggies or salads. I typically accomplish this by grilling chicken, pork, lean beef (London broil) or fish on my George Foreman grill and by consuming bagged salads or stir fry veggies. I have a variety of fat free dressings that I rotate.

Nighttime snack (8:00 -9:00) I usually consume this snack while I am winding down and watching TV. So I usually just grab some medifast crackers or soy chips. Sometimes I will put the diet's fruit drink over crushed ice for a snow cone.

As you can see, I'm eating every few hours and I'm eating real foods and snacks. I also try to power walk and tone with workout bands or free weights once per day so I am getting some cardio and muscle building in to help me burn fat and create a leaner body. And, I use fat free ingredients and sugar free syrups to give myself more variety.

I hope this has helped you visualize a typical day on medifast. Although you will be eating a lot of convenient prepackaged foods, you can add a lot of variety with just a little imagination.

Lindsey Price has lost over 50 pounds on Medifast. She is also the author of the e book “Getting The Most Out Of Medifast. To get a free copy (immediate download / no information required), click here.


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