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Fat Loss Diets - Why Most Diets Fail To Lose Your Fat


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Many diets can result in weight loss but whether that is good weight loss is another matter all together. A good diet is one which will help you to lose fat but sadly a large number do no such thing.

Different diets result in the loss of weight but very few actually get rid of fat. Numerous diets seem to work in the initial stages but then seem to stop all together and there is a good reason for this.

Basically all these diets help you to lose is fluid, they have no benefit when it comes to losing fat which if where honest is what we all really want to get rid off.

Another negative of the many low calorie diets available is that they cause your body to falsely assume you are starving yourself. This makes your metabolism store fat instead of getting rid of it and instead burn muscle. It also makes the metabolism work at a slower rate.

The metabolism working at a slower rate means you will burn your calories at a far lower rate result in very little weight loss - unless you really are starving yourself.

Fat loss diets are, in general, the weight loss programs which bring in results slowly over time rather than quickly so it tends to be a choice of either fast weight loss which doesn't get rid of fat or doing it steadily over time.

The only diet that provides relatively fast weight loss and gets rid of fat is one based around the idea of shifting calories but other than that you will after decide which is more important to you - Fast weight loss or getting rid of fat.

Calorie shifting is the only diet that currently results in fast fat loss and you can find out more about it at

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Pros and Cons of Fad Diets - Are Crash and Fad Diets Making You Fat?
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