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World's Easiest Diet


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The world's easiest diet is the calorie-shifting diet. Gaining widespread popularity, it is joining the ranks of the “mainstream" diets that are available today.

In sharp contrast to the other mainstream diets, which all require you to make some sort of sacrifice, whether it is calories, whether it is carbohydrates, or whether it is fat, the calorie shifting diet allows you to eat as much food as you want at each meal until you are completely satisfied, but not too full. (Overeating is never conducive to weight loss on any diet regimen. ) Plus, you are required to eat food from all four major food groups while on this diet. Another requirement of this diet is that you must eat four full meals each and every day.

While on this diet, you can expect to lose nine pounds every eleven days. Most nutritional experts will agree that rapid weight loss for long periods of time is unsafe for your body. The calorie shifting diet has taken this concern into consideration and factored it into its diet regimen by requiring you to take a mandatory three-day “cheat break" from the diet every two weeks, before you would resume your diet again for another eleven-day stretch. This gives your body a chance to rest from the rapid weight loss it is undergoing.

How does the calorie shifting diet work? As the name implies, you follow this diet by shifting the types of calories that you eat, from meal to meal, from day to day, on a rotational basis. The principle behind this approach to dieting is based on the premise that you can manipulate your body's metabolism at will simply by withholding and reintroducing varying nutrients into your diet at set intervals. If this is done in the right way, you can induce your metabolism to perceive that it is experiencing a nutritional deficit, which then prompts it to go into “fat burning" mode to compensate for the simulated deprivation. However, by the time your body goes into fat burning mode, you would then reintroduce that missing nutrient into your body and then begin to withhold another one.

Thus, you are able to sustain the burning of fat for long periods of time, without depriving yourself of any vital nutrients. Plus you never feel hungry or dissatisfied, because this diet allows you to eat as much food as you want of all varieties of foods.

All of these characteristics make the calorie shifting diet the world's easiest diet.

So what are you waiting for? Generate your personalized meal plan now at and you will be 9 pounds lighter in a week and a half!


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