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Simple yet effective physiotherapy exercises for Knee pain

Narender Kumar

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Is there a considerable pain in your knees? Is it getting worse day by day? Are you finding it difficult to perform activities you love? You have even purchased the best quality knee brace for your joint but you find not much relief. What should you do now? It’s time to try out knee pain physiotherapy in form of some exercises to release your stiffened joints and reduce pain. Here goes the list.

Warm-up before the exercise regime inknee pain physiotherapy

Always remember to do some warm up before starting the exercise as a part of knee pain physiotherapy. Ensure not to strain your knees due to warm-up as they are already paining. This can be in form of riding a stationary bike at a slow pace for 5 minutes; two minutes’ walk with hand pumping etc. Doing this will prepare your body for all the stretches and lower risk of any further pain or injury.

Leg stretch

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs in the front with foot on the floor. Start bending one of your knees on a slow pace until you feel comfortable. Hold for 5 seconds and straighten your legs. Repeat this 10 times with both the legs.

Leg cross

Sit on the edge of your bed and cross your ankles over each other. Push left leg back and right leg forward till you feel the tension in your muscles. Hold for 10 seconds, switch legs and repeat with 4 sets for each leg.

Knee squat

Hold a chair for support and squat your knee cap until it covers your toes. Return to standing position and repeat for 10 times. Remember not to bend your knees beyond 90 degrees so as not to cause any issue with this knee pain physiotherapy exercise.

Sit and stand

Use a chair for sitting and stand up without using any support followed by sitting again. Focus on controlling your movement and slowing down its pace. Repeat for 1 minute.

Final advice

These are the set of the above simple exercises that can be used as a part of knee pain physiotherapy . Whatever the case may be, these exercises can play a key role in reducing the overall symptoms. Other than this, you can always take a painkiller to ease the pain. Taking them before exercise is great so as to reduce any pain that can be caused soon after doing the exercise.

Why take services of Pro-health Asia?

Pro-health Asia has appointed some experienced physiotherapists that work on the root cause so as to make you feel better from day 1. If you want some help with respect to your knee pain then give us a call. We offer a free 15-minute consultation to our consumers. This allows you to learn more about the treatment that would be given to you.


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