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How to Improve Daily Activities with Therapies and Other Treatments


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Cerebral palsy is a condition that cannot be cured, but with good treatments and therapies, it can help improve a child's capabilities. As a matter of fact, the improvement due to medical research means that a lot of cerebral palsy patients have the opportunity of enjoying almost-normal lives – that is, if their neurological problems are well managed.

It is important to clearly understand that there are actually no standard therapies that work for a every single patient. Instead, doctors must work with a team of healthcare experts in order to identify the patient's special needs and impairments and will then come up with a unique treatment plan that will address the patient's needs.

Some of the approaches that may be included in the plan are:

  • Medications that will be taken in order to control muscle spasms and seizures,

  • Special braces in order to compensate for the patient's muscle imbalance

  • Mechanical aids to triumph over impairments

  • Surgery

  • Counselling for psychological and emotional needs

  • Physical therapy

  • Speech therapy

  • Behavioural therapy

  • Psychological needs

  • Occupational therapy

Overall, the sooner diagnosis and treatment starts, the better chance the kid will have of being able to overcome developmental disabilities or being taught new ways to get tasks done.

Improving daily activities with the following therapies:

Physical Therapy

All children with cerebral palsy benefit greatly from physical therapy. The kinds of therapies that your child will benefit from will actually depend on his or her physical needs. Being able to keep the child's muscle flexible is the main benefit of physical therapy. For instance, if your kid has spastic muscles, he or she will feel a lot better and stronger when they workout and stretch their muscles on a regular basis.

If it is really necessary, a physical therapist can even design special equipment for your kid. Your child can learn how to do a lot of activities that he or she might not normally be able to do after undergoing physical therapy such as:

  • Climbing the stairs

  • Walking

  • Standing

  • Making use of the wheelchair

  • Making use of gross motor skills and balance in order to throw and kick a ball or ride a bicycle

  • Using braces or a walker

When a child has cerebral palsy, it is difficult for parents to teach the child the aforementioned tasks. The child has special needs and has a special learning style. A qualified therapist will be able to get the job done.

Occupational Therapy

As you grow older, and your child is also approaching adulthood you constantly want to be reassured that he or she will be self-sufficient as much as possible. An occupational therapist specialises in teaching special children to care for themselves and establish a strong sense of independence.

Speech Therapy

A speech therapist will be able to help your child develop his or her communication skills. These experts will teach your child the following:

  • Carry on a discussion and give correct non-verbal cues such as eye contact

  • Make vital facial expressions

  • Speak a lot more audibly

With the aforementioned therapies, your child will be able to go about his or her daily activities even without any help from you.

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